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9763 zfs(1M): broken formatting in allow/unallow description

@@ -1772,15 +1772,12 @@
        filesystem or volume.  See the other forms of zfs allow for more
      zfs allow [-dglu] user|group[,user|group]...
        perm|@setname[,perm|@setname]... filesystem|volume
-     zfs
-     allow
-     [-dl]
-     -e|everyone
-     perm|@setname[,perm|@setname]...
+     zfs allow [-dl] -e|everyone perm|@setname[,perm|@setname]...
        Delegates ZFS administration permission for the file systems to non-
        privileged users.
        -d  Allow only for the descendent file systems.

@@ -1898,18 +1895,15 @@
        restrictions as ZFS file systems, but the name must begin with @, and
        can be no more than 64 characters long.
      zfs unallow [-dglru] user|group[,user|group]...
        [perm|@setname[,perm|@setname]...] filesystem|volume
        zfs unallow [-dlr] -e|everyone [perm|@setname[,perm|@setname]...]
-     zfs
-     unallow
-     [-r]
-     -c
-     [perm|@setname[,perm|@setname]...]
-     filesystem|volume
+     zfs unallow [-r] -c [perm|@setname[,perm|@setname]...] filesystem|volume
        Removes permissions that were granted with the zfs allow command.  No
        permissions are explicitly denied, so other permissions granted are
        still in effect.  For example, if the permission is granted by an
        ancestor.  If no permissions are specified, then all permissions for
        the specified user, group, or everyone are removed.  Specifying