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zpool import speedup

*** 261,270 **** --- 261,271 ---- #define DMU_SPILL_BLKID (-2ULL) /* * Public routines to create, destroy, open, and close objsets. */ int dmu_objset_hold(const char *name, void *tag, objset_t **osp); + int dmu_objset_hold_nolock(const char *name, void *tag, objset_t **osp); int dmu_objset_own(const char *name, dmu_objset_type_t type, boolean_t readonly, void *tag, objset_t **osp); void dmu_objset_rele(objset_t *os, void *tag); void dmu_objset_disown(objset_t *os, void *tag); int dmu_objset_open_ds(struct dsl_dataset *ds, objset_t **osp);
*** 277,286 **** --- 278,289 ---- struct nvlist *errlist); int dmu_objset_snapshot_one(const char *fsname, const char *snapname); int dmu_objset_snapshot_tmp(const char *, const char *, int); int dmu_objset_find(char *name, int func(const char *, void *), void *arg, int flags); + int dmu_objset_find_parallel(char *name, int func(const char *, void *), + void *arg, int flags); void dmu_objset_byteswap(void *buf, size_t size); int dsl_dataset_rename_snapshot(const char *fsname, const char *oldsnapname, const char *newsnapname, boolean_t recursive); typedef struct dmu_buf {