1 /******************************************************************************
   2  *
   3  * Module Name: ahpredef - Table of all known ACPI predefined names
   4  *
   5  *****************************************************************************/
   7 /*
   8  * Copyright (C) 2000 - 2013, Intel Corp.
   9  * All rights reserved.
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  27  * GNU General Public License ("GPL") version 2 as published by the Free
  28  * Software Foundation.
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  42  */
  44 #include "acpi.h"
  45 #include "accommon.h"
  47 /*
  48  * iASL only needs a partial table (short descriptions only).
  49  * AcpiHelp needs the full table.
  50  */
  52 #define AH_PREDEF(Name, ShortDesc, LongDesc) {Name, ShortDesc}
  53 #else
  54 #define AH_PREDEF(Name, ShortDesc, LongDesc) {Name, ShortDesc, LongDesc}
  55 #endif
  57 /*
  58  * Predefined ACPI names, with short description and return value.
  59  * This table was extracted directly from the ACPI specification.
  60  */
  61 const AH_PREDEFINED_NAME    AslPredefinedInfo[] =
  62 {
  63     AH_PREDEF ("_ACx",    "Active Cooling", "Returns the active cooling policy threshold values"),
  64     AH_PREDEF ("_ADR",    "Address", "Returns address of a device on parent bus, and resource field"),
  65     AH_PREDEF ("_AEI",    "ACPI Event Interrupts", "Returns a list of GPIO events to be used as ACPI events"),
  66     AH_PREDEF ("_ALC",    "Ambient Light Chromaticity", "Returns the ambient light color chromaticity"),
  67     AH_PREDEF ("_ALI",    "Ambient Light Illuminance", "Returns the ambient light brightness"),
  68     AH_PREDEF ("_ALN",    "Alignment", "Base alignment, Resource Descriptor field"),
  69     AH_PREDEF ("_ALP",    "Ambient Light Polling", "Returns the ambient light sensor polling frequency"),
  70     AH_PREDEF ("_ALR",    "Ambient Light Response", "Returns the ambient light brightness to display brightness mappings"),
  71     AH_PREDEF ("_ALT",    "Ambient Light Temperature", "Returns the ambient light color temperature"),
  72     AH_PREDEF ("_ALx",    "Active List", "Returns a list of active cooling device objects"),
  73     AH_PREDEF ("_ART",    "Active Cooling Relationship Table", "Returns thermal relationship information between platform devices and fan devices"),
  74     AH_PREDEF ("_ASI",    "Address Space Id", "Resource Descriptor field"),
  75     AH_PREDEF ("_ASZ",    "Access Size", "Resource Descriptor field"),
  76     AH_PREDEF ("_ATT",    "Type-Specific Attribute", "Resource Descriptor field"),
  77     AH_PREDEF ("_BAS",    "Base Address", "Range base address, Resource Descriptor field"),
  78     AH_PREDEF ("_BBN",    "BIOS Bus Number", "Returns the PCI bus number returned by the BIOS"),
  79     AH_PREDEF ("_BCL",    "Brightness Control Levels", "Returns a list of supported brightness control levels"),
  80     AH_PREDEF ("_BCM",    "Brightness Control Method", "Sets the brightness level of the display device"),
  81     AH_PREDEF ("_BCT",    "Battery Charge Time", "Returns time remaining to complete charging battery"),
  82     AH_PREDEF ("_BDN",    "BIOS Dock Name", "Returns the Dock ID returned by the BIOS"),
  83     AH_PREDEF ("_BFS",    "Back From Sleep", "Inform AML of a wake event"),
  84     AH_PREDEF ("_BIF",    "Battery Information", "Returns a Control Method Battery information block"),
  85     AH_PREDEF ("_BIX",    "Battery Information Extended", "Returns a Control Method Battery extended information block"),
  86     AH_PREDEF ("_BLT",    "Battery Level Threshold", "Set battery level threshold preferences"),
  87     AH_PREDEF ("_BM_",    "Bus Master", "Resource Descriptor field"),
  88     AH_PREDEF ("_BMA",    "Battery Measurement Averaging Interval", "Sets battery measurement averaging interval"),
  89     AH_PREDEF ("_BMC",    "Battery Maintenance Control", "Sets battery maintenance and control features"),
  90     AH_PREDEF ("_BMD",    "Battery Maintenance Data", "Returns battery maintenance, control, and state data"),
  91     AH_PREDEF ("_BMS",    "Battery Measurement Sampling Time", "Sets the battery measurement sampling time"),
  92     AH_PREDEF ("_BQC",    "Brightness Query Current", "Returns the current display brightness level"),
  93     AH_PREDEF ("_BST",    "Battery Status", "Returns a Control Method Battery status block"),
  94     AH_PREDEF ("_BTM",    "Battery Time", "Returns the battery runtime"),
  95     AH_PREDEF ("_BTP",    "Battery Trip Point", "Sets a Control Method Battery trip point"),
  96     AH_PREDEF ("_CBA",    "Configuration Base Address", "Sets the base address for a PCI Express host bridge"),
  97     AH_PREDEF ("_CDM",    "Clock Domain", "Returns a logical processor's clock domain identifier"),
  98     AH_PREDEF ("_CID",    "Compatible ID", "Returns a device's Plug and Play Compatible ID list"),
  99     AH_PREDEF ("_CLS",    "Class Code", "Returns PCI class code and subclass"),
 100     AH_PREDEF ("_CPC",    "Continuous Performance Control", "Returns a list of performance control interfaces"),
 101     AH_PREDEF ("_CRS",    "Current Resource Settings", "Returns the current resource settings for a device"),
 102     AH_PREDEF ("_CRT",    "Critical Temperature", "Returns the shutdown critical temperature"),
 103     AH_PREDEF ("_CSD",    "C-State Dependencies", "Returns a list of C-state dependencies"),
 104     AH_PREDEF ("_CST",    "C-States", "Returns a list of supported C-states"),
 105     AH_PREDEF ("_CWS",    "Clear Wake Alarm Status", "Clear the status of wake alarms"),
 106     AH_PREDEF ("_DBT",    "Debounce Timeout", "Timeout value, Resource Descriptor field"),
 107     AH_PREDEF ("_DCK",    "Dock Present", "Sets docking isolation. Presence indicates device is a docking station"),
 108     AH_PREDEF ("_DCS",    "Display Current Status", "Returns status of the display output device"),
 109     AH_PREDEF ("_DDC",    "Display Data Current", "Returns the EDID for the display output device"),
 110     AH_PREDEF ("_DDN",    "DOS Device Name", "Returns a device logical name"),
 111     AH_PREDEF ("_DEC",    "Decode", "Device decoding type, Resource Descriptor field"),
 112     AH_PREDEF ("_DEP",    "Dependencies", "Returns a list of operation region dependencies"),
 113     AH_PREDEF ("_DGS",    "Display Graphics State", "Return the current state of the output device"),
 114     AH_PREDEF ("_DIS",    "Disable Device", "Disables a device"),
 115     AH_PREDEF ("_DLM",    "Device Lock Mutex", "Defines mutex for OS/AML sharing"),
 116     AH_PREDEF ("_DMA",    "Direct Memory Access", "Returns device current resources for DMA transactions, and resource field"),
 117     AH_PREDEF ("_DOD",    "Display Output Devices", "Enumerate all devices attached to the display adapter"),
 118     AH_PREDEF ("_DOS",    "Disable Output Switching", "Sets the display output switching mode"),
 119     AH_PREDEF ("_DPL",    "Device Selection Polarity", "Polarity of Device Selection signal, Resource Descriptor field"),
 120     AH_PREDEF ("_DRS",    "Drive Strength", "Drive Strength setting for GPIO connection, Resource Descriptor field"),
 121     AH_PREDEF ("_DSM",    "Device-Specific Method", "Executes device-specific functions"),
 122     AH_PREDEF ("_DSS",    "Device Set State", "Sets the display device state"),
 123     AH_PREDEF ("_DSW",    "Device Sleep Wake", "Sets the sleep and wake transition states for a device"),
 124     AH_PREDEF ("_DTI",    "Device Temperature Indication", "Conveys native device temperature to the platform"),
 125     AH_PREDEF ("_Exx",    "Edge-Triggered GPE", "Method executed as a result of a general-purpose event"),
 126     AH_PREDEF ("_EC_",    "Embedded Controller", "returns EC offset and query information"),
 127     AH_PREDEF ("_EDL",    "Eject Device List", "Returns a list of devices that are dependent on a device (docking)"),
 128     AH_PREDEF ("_EJD",    "Ejection Dependent Device", "Returns the name of dependent (parent) device (docking)"),
 129     AH_PREDEF ("_EJx",    "Eject Device", "Begin or cancel a device ejection request (docking)"),
 130     AH_PREDEF ("_END",    "Endianness", "Endian orientation, Resource Descriptor field"),
 131     AH_PREDEF ("_EVT",    "Event", "Event method for GPIO events"),
 132     AH_PREDEF ("_FDE",    "Floppy Disk Enumerate", "Returns floppy disk configuration information"),
 133     AH_PREDEF ("_FDI",    "Floppy Drive Information", "Returns a floppy drive information block"),
 134     AH_PREDEF ("_FDM",    "Floppy Drive Mode", "Sets a floppy drive speed"),
 135     AH_PREDEF ("_FIF",    "Fan Information", "Returns fan device information"),
 136     AH_PREDEF ("_FIX",    "Fixed Register Resource Provider", "Returns a list of devices that implement FADT register blocks"),
 137     AH_PREDEF ("_FLC",    "Flow Control", "Flow control, Resource Descriptor field"),
 138     AH_PREDEF ("_FPS",    "Fan Performance States", "Returns a list of supported fan performance states"),
 139     AH_PREDEF ("_FSL",    "Fan Set Level", "Control method that sets the fan device's speed level (performance state)"),
 140     AH_PREDEF ("_FST",    "Fan Status", "Returns current status information for a fan device"),
 141     AH_PREDEF ("_GAI",    "Get Averaging Interval", "Returns the power meter averaging interval"),
 142     AH_PREDEF ("_GCP",    "Get Capabilities", "Get device time capabilities"),
 143     AH_PREDEF ("_GHL",    "Get Hardware Limit", "Returns the hardware limit enforced by the power meter"),
 144     AH_PREDEF ("_GL_",    "Global Lock", "OS-defined Global Lock mutex object"),
 145     AH_PREDEF ("_GLK",    "Get Global Lock Requirement", "Returns a device's Global Lock requirement for device access"),
 146     AH_PREDEF ("_GPD",    "Get Post Data", "Returns the value of the VGA device that will be posted at boot"),
 147     AH_PREDEF ("_GPE",    "General Purpose Events", "Predefined scope (\\_GPE) or SCI number for EC"),
 148     AH_PREDEF ("_GRA",    "Granularity", "Address space granularity, Resource Descriptor field"),
 149     AH_PREDEF ("_GRT",    "Get Real Time", "Returns current time-of-day from a time/alarm device"),
 150     AH_PREDEF ("_GSB",    "Global System Interrupt Base", "Returns the GSB for a I/O APIC device"),
 151     AH_PREDEF ("_GTF",    "Get Task File", "Returns a list of ATA commands to restore a drive to default state"),
 152     AH_PREDEF ("_GTM",    "Get Timing Mode", "Returns a list of IDE controller timing information"),
 153     AH_PREDEF ("_GTS",    "Going To Sleep", "Inform AML of pending sleep"),
 154     AH_PREDEF ("_GWS",    "Get Wake Status", "Return status of wake alarms"),
 155     AH_PREDEF ("_HE_",    "High-Edge", "Interrupt triggering, Resource Descriptor field"),
 156     AH_PREDEF ("_HID",    "Hardware ID", "Returns a device's Plug and Play Hardware ID"),
 157     AH_PREDEF ("_HOT",    "Hot Temperature", "Returns the critical temperature for sleep (entry to S4)"),
 158     AH_PREDEF ("_HPP",    "Hot Plug Parameters", "Returns a list of hot-plug information for a PCI device"),
 159     AH_PREDEF ("_HPX",    "Hot Plug Parameter Extensions", "Returns a list of hot-plug information for a PCI device. Supersedes _HPP"),
 160     AH_PREDEF ("_HRV",    "Hardware Revision", "Returns a hardware revision value"),
 161     AH_PREDEF ("_IFT",    "IPMI Interface Type", "See the Intelligent Platform Management Interface Specification"),
 162     AH_PREDEF ("_INI",    "Initialize", "Performs device specific initialization"),
 163     AH_PREDEF ("_INT",    "Interrupts", "Interrupt mask bits, Resource Descriptor field"),
 164     AH_PREDEF ("_IOR",    "I/O Restriction", "Restriction type, Resource Descriptor field"),
 165     AH_PREDEF ("_IRC",    "Inrush Current", "Presence indicates that a device has a significant inrush current draw"),
 166     AH_PREDEF ("_Lxx",    "Level-Triggered GPE", "Control method executed as a result of a general-purpose event"),
 167     AH_PREDEF ("_LCK",    "Lock Device", "Locks or unlocks a device (docking)"),
 168     AH_PREDEF ("_LEN",    "Length", "Range length, Resource Descriptor field"),
 169     AH_PREDEF ("_LID",    "Lid Status", "Returns the open/closed status of the lid on a mobile system"),
 170     AH_PREDEF ("_LIN",    "Lines In Use", "Handshake lines, Resource Descriptor field"),
 171     AH_PREDEF ("_LL_",    "Low Level", "Interrupt polarity, Resource Descriptor field"),
 172     AH_PREDEF ("_MAF",    "Maximum Address Fixed", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 173     AH_PREDEF ("_MAT",    "Multiple APIC Table Entry", "Returns a list of MADT APIC structure entries"),
 174     AH_PREDEF ("_MAX",    "Maximum Base Address", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 175     AH_PREDEF ("_MBM",    "Memory Bandwidth Monitoring Data", "Returns bandwidth monitoring data for a memory device"),
 176     AH_PREDEF ("_MEM",    "Memory Attributes", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 177     AH_PREDEF ("_MIF",    "Minimum Address Fixed", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 178     AH_PREDEF ("_MIN",    "Minimum Base Address", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 179     AH_PREDEF ("_MLS",    "Multiple Language String", "Returns a device description in multiple languages"),
 180     AH_PREDEF ("_MOD",    "Mode", "Interrupt mode, Resource Descriptor field"),
 181     AH_PREDEF ("_MSG",    "Message", "Sets the system message waiting status indicator"),
 182     AH_PREDEF ("_MSM",    "Memory Set Monitoring", "Sets bandwidth monitoring parameters for a memory device"),
 183     AH_PREDEF ("_MTP",    "Memory Type", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 184     AH_PREDEF ("_NTT",    "Notification Temperature Threshold", "Returns a threshold for device temperature change that requires platform notification"),
 185     AH_PREDEF ("_OFF",    "Power Off", "Sets a power resource to the off state"),
 186     AH_PREDEF ("_ON_",    "Power On", "Sets a power resource to the on state"),
 187     AH_PREDEF ("_OS_",    "Operating System", "Returns a string that identifies the operating system"),
 188     AH_PREDEF ("_OSC",    "Operating System Capabilities", "Inform AML of host features and capabilities"),
 189     AH_PREDEF ("_OSI",    "Operating System Interfaces", "Returns supported interfaces, behaviors, and features"),
 190     AH_PREDEF ("_OST",    "OSPM Status Indication", "Inform AML of event processing status"),
 191     AH_PREDEF ("_PAI",    "Power Averaging Interval", "Sets the averaging interval for a power meter"),
 192     AH_PREDEF ("_PAR",    "Parity", "Parity bits, Resource Descriptor field"),
 193     AH_PREDEF ("_PCL",    "Power Consumer List", "Returns a list of devices powered by a power source"),
 194     AH_PREDEF ("_PCT",    "Performance Control", "Returns processor performance control and status registers"),
 195     AH_PREDEF ("_PDC",    "Processor Driver Capabilities", "Inform AML of processor driver capabilities"),
 196     AH_PREDEF ("_PDL",    "P-state Depth Limit", "Returns the lowest available performance P-state"),
 197     AH_PREDEF ("_PHA",    "Clock Phase", "Clock phase, Resource Descriptor field"),
 198     AH_PREDEF ("_PIC",    "Interrupt Model", "Inform AML of the interrupt model in use"),
 199     AH_PREDEF ("_PIF",    "Power Source Information", "Returns a Power Source information block"),
 200     AH_PREDEF ("_PIN",    "Pin List", "Pin list, Resource Descriptor field"),
 201     AH_PREDEF ("_PLD",    "Physical Location of Device", "Returns a device's physical location information"),
 202     AH_PREDEF ("_PMC",    "Power Meter Capabilities", "Returns a list of Power Meter capabilities info"),
 203     AH_PREDEF ("_PMD",    "Power Metered Devices", "Returns a list of devices that are measured by the power meter device"),
 204     AH_PREDEF ("_PMM",    "Power Meter Measurement", "Returns the current value of the Power Meter"),
 205     AH_PREDEF ("_POL",    "Polarity", "Interrupt polarity, Resource Descriptor field"),
 206     AH_PREDEF ("_PPC",    "Performance Present Capabilites", "Returns a list of the performance states currently supported by the platform"),
 207     AH_PREDEF ("_PPE",    "Polling for Platform Error", "Returns the polling interval to retrieve Corrected Platform Error information"),
 208     AH_PREDEF ("_PPI",    "Pin Configuration", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 209     AH_PREDEF ("_PR",     "Processor", "Predefined scope for processor objects"),
 210     AH_PREDEF ("_PR0",    "Power Resources for D0", "Returns a list of dependent power resources to enter state D0 (fully on)"),
 211     AH_PREDEF ("_PR1",    "Power Resources for D1", "Returns a list of dependent power resources to enter state D1"),
 212     AH_PREDEF ("_PR2",    "Power Resources for D2", "Returns a list of dependent power resources to enter state D2"),
 213     AH_PREDEF ("_PR3",    "Power Resources for D3hot", "Returns a list of dependent power resources to enter state D3hot"),
 214     AH_PREDEF ("_PRE",    "Power Resources for Enumeration", "Returns a list of dependent power resources to enumerate devices on a bus"),
 215     AH_PREDEF ("_PRL",    "Power Source Redundancy List", "Returns a list of power source devices in the same redundancy grouping"),
 216     AH_PREDEF ("_PRS",    "Possible Resource Settings", "Returns a list of a device's possible resource settings"),
 217     AH_PREDEF ("_PRT",    "PCI Routing Table", "Returns a list of PCI interrupt mappings"),
 218     AH_PREDEF ("_PRW",    "Power Resources for Wake", "Returns a list of dependent power resources for waking"),
 219     AH_PREDEF ("_PS0",    "Power State 0", "Sets a device's power state to D0 (device fully on)"),
 220     AH_PREDEF ("_PS1",    "Power State 1", "Sets a device's power state to D1"),
 221     AH_PREDEF ("_PS2",    "Power State 2", "Sets a device's power state to D2"),
 222     AH_PREDEF ("_PS3",    "Power State 3", "Sets a device's power state to D3 (device off)"),
 223     AH_PREDEF ("_PSC",    "Power State Current", "Returns a device's current power state"),
 224     AH_PREDEF ("_PSD",    "Power State Dependencies", "Returns processor P-State dependencies"),
 225     AH_PREDEF ("_PSE",    "Power State for Enumeration", "Put a bus into enumeration power mode"),
 226     AH_PREDEF ("_PSL",    "Passive List", "Returns a list of passive cooling device objects"),
 227     AH_PREDEF ("_PSR",    "Power Source", "Returns the power source device currently in use"),
 228     AH_PREDEF ("_PSS",    "Performance Supported States", "Returns a list of supported processor performance states"),
 229     AH_PREDEF ("_PSV",    "Passive Temperature", "Returns the passive trip point temperature"),
 230     AH_PREDEF ("_PSW",    "Power State Wake", "Sets a device's wake function"),
 231     AH_PREDEF ("_PTC",    "Processor Throttling Control", "Returns throttling control and status registers"),
 232     AH_PREDEF ("_PTP",    "Power Trip Points", "Sets trip points for the Power Meter device"),
 233     AH_PREDEF ("_PTS",    "Prepare To Sleep", "Inform the platform of an impending sleep transition"),
 234     AH_PREDEF ("_PUR",    "Processor Utilization Request", "Returns the number of processors that the platform would like to idle"),
 235     AH_PREDEF ("_PXM",    "Device Proximity", "Returns a device's proximity domain identifier"),
 236     AH_PREDEF ("_Qxx",    "EC Query", "Embedded Controller query and SMBus Alarm control method"),
 237     AH_PREDEF ("_RBO",    "Register Bit Offset", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 238     AH_PREDEF ("_RBW",    "Register Bit Width", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 239     AH_PREDEF ("_REG",    "Region Availability", "Inform AML code of an operation region availability change"),
 240     AH_PREDEF ("_REV",    "Supported ACPI Revision", "Returns the revision of the ACPI specification that is implemented"),
 241     AH_PREDEF ("_RMV",    "Removal Status", "Returns a device's removal ability status (docking)"),
 242     AH_PREDEF ("_RNG",    "Range", "Memory range type, Resource Descriptor field"),
 243     AH_PREDEF ("_ROM",    "Read-Only Memory", "Returns a copy of the ROM data for a display device"),
 244     AH_PREDEF ("_RT_",    "Resource Type", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 245     AH_PREDEF ("_RTV",    "Relative Temperature Values", "Returns temperature value information"),
 246     AH_PREDEF ("_RW_",    "Read-Write Status", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 247     AH_PREDEF ("_RXL",    "Receive Buffer Size", "Serial channel buffer, Resource Descriptor field"),
 248     AH_PREDEF ("_S0_",    "S0 System State", "Returns values to enter the system into the S0 state"),
 249     AH_PREDEF ("_S1_",    "S1 System State", "Returns values to enter the system into the S1 state"),
 250     AH_PREDEF ("_S2_",    "S2 System State", "Returns values to enter the system into the S2 state"),
 251     AH_PREDEF ("_S3_",    "S3 System State", "Returns values to enter the system into the S3 state"),
 252     AH_PREDEF ("_S4_",    "S4 System State", "Returns values to enter the system into the S4 state"),
 253     AH_PREDEF ("_S5_",    "S5 System State", "Returns values to enter the system into the S5 state"),
 254     AH_PREDEF ("_S1D",    "S1 Device State", "Returns the highest D-state supported by a device when in the S1 state"),
 255     AH_PREDEF ("_S2D",    "S2 Device State", "Returns the highest D-state supported by a device when in the S2 state"),
 256     AH_PREDEF ("_S3D",    "S3 Device State", "Returns the highest D-state supported by a device when in the S3 state"),
 257     AH_PREDEF ("_S4D",    "S4 Device State", "Returns the highest D-state supported by a device when in the S4 state"),
 258     AH_PREDEF ("_S0W",    "S0 Device Wake State", "Returns the lowest D-state that the device can wake itself from S0"),
 259     AH_PREDEF ("_S1W",    "S1 Device Wake State", "Returns the lowest D-state for this device that can wake the system from S1"),
 260     AH_PREDEF ("_S2W",    "S2 Device Wake State", "Returns the lowest D-state for this device that can wake the system from S2"),
 261     AH_PREDEF ("_S3W",    "S3 Device Wake State", "Returns the lowest D-state for this device that can wake the system from S3"),
 262     AH_PREDEF ("_S4W",    "S4 Device Wake State", "Returns the lowest D-state for this device that can wake the system from S4"),
 263     AH_PREDEF ("_SB_",    "System Bus", "Predefined scope for device and bus objects"),
 264     AH_PREDEF ("_SBS",    "Smart Battery Subsystem", "Returns the subsystem configuration"),
 265     AH_PREDEF ("_SCP",    "Set Cooling Policy", "Sets the cooling policy (active or passive)"),
 266     AH_PREDEF ("_SDD",    "Set Device Data", "Sets data for a SATA device"),
 267     AH_PREDEF ("_SEG",    "PCI Segment", "Returns a device's PCI Segment Group number"),
 268     AH_PREDEF ("_SHL",    "Set Hardware Limit", "Sets the hardware limit enforced by the Power Meter"),
 269     AH_PREDEF ("_SHR",    "Sharable", "Interrupt share status, Resource Descriptor field"),
 270     AH_PREDEF ("_SI_",    "System Indicators", "Predefined scope"),
 271     AH_PREDEF ("_SIZ",    "Size", "DMA transfer size, Resource Descriptor field"),
 272     AH_PREDEF ("_SLI",    "System Locality Information", "Returns a list of NUMA system localities"),
 273     AH_PREDEF ("_SLV",    "Slave Mode", "Mode setting, Resource Descriptor field"),
 274     AH_PREDEF ("_SPD",    "Set Post Device", "Sets which video device will be posted at boot"),
 275     AH_PREDEF ("_SPE",    "Speed", "Connection speed, Resource Descriptor field"),
 276     AH_PREDEF ("_SRS",    "Set Resource Settings", "Sets a device's resource allocation"),
 277     AH_PREDEF ("_SRT",    "Set Real Time", "Sets the current time for a time/alarm device"),
 278     AH_PREDEF ("_SRV",    "IPMI Spec Revision", "See the Intelligent Platform Management Interface Specification"),
 279     AH_PREDEF ("_SST",    "System Status", "Sets the system status indicator"),
 280     AH_PREDEF ("_STA",    "Status", "Returns the current status of a Device or Power Resource"),
 281     AH_PREDEF ("_STB",    "Stop Bits", "Serial channel stop bits, Resource Descriptor field"),
 282     AH_PREDEF ("_STM",    "Set Timing Mode", "Sets an IDE controller transfer timings"),
 283     AH_PREDEF ("_STP",    "Set Expired Timer Wake Policy", "Sets expired timer policies of the wake alarm device"),
 284     AH_PREDEF ("_STR",    "Description String", "Returns a device's description string"),
 285     AH_PREDEF ("_STV",    "Set Timer Value", "Set timer values of the wake alarm device"),
 286     AH_PREDEF ("_SUB",    "Subsystem ID", "Returns the subsystem ID for a device"),
 287     AH_PREDEF ("_SUN",    "Slot User Number", "Returns the slot unique ID number"),
 288     AH_PREDEF ("_SWS",    "System Wake Source", "Returns the source event that caused the system to wake"),
 289     AH_PREDEF ("_T_x",    "Emitted by ASL Compiler", "Reserved for use by ASL compilers"),
 290     AH_PREDEF ("_TC1",    "Thermal Constant 1", "Returns TC1 for the passive cooling formula"),
 291     AH_PREDEF ("_TC2",    "Thermal Constant 2", "Returns TC2 for the passive cooling formula"),
 292     AH_PREDEF ("_TDL",    "T-State Depth Limit", "Returns the _TSS entry number of the lowest power throttling state"),
 293     AH_PREDEF ("_TIP",    "Expired Timer Wake Policy", "Returns timer policies of the wake alarm device"),
 294     AH_PREDEF ("_TIV",    "Timer Values", "Returns remaining time of the wake alarm device"),
 295     AH_PREDEF ("_TMP",    "Temperature", "Returns a thermal zone's current temperature"),
 296     AH_PREDEF ("_TPC",    "Throttling Present Capabilities", "Returns the current number of supported throttling states"),
 297     AH_PREDEF ("_TPT",    "Trip Point Temperature", "Inform AML that a device's embedded temperature sensor has crossed a temperature trip point"),
 298     AH_PREDEF ("_TRA",    "Translation", "Address translation offset, Resource Descriptor field"),
 299     AH_PREDEF ("_TRS",    "Translation Sparse", "Sparse/dense flag, Resource Descriptor field"),
 300     AH_PREDEF ("_TRT",    "Thermal Relationship Table", "Returns thermal relationships between platform devices"),
 301     AH_PREDEF ("_TSD",    "Throttling State Dependencies", "Returns a list of T-state dependencies"),
 302     AH_PREDEF ("_TSF",    "Type-Specific Flags", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 303     AH_PREDEF ("_TSP",    "Thermal Sampling Period", "Returns the thermal sampling period for passive cooling"),
 304     AH_PREDEF ("_TSS",    "Throttling Supported States", "Returns supported throttling state information"),
 305     AH_PREDEF ("_TST",    "Temperature Sensor Threshold", "Returns the minimum separation for a device's temperature trip points"),
 306     AH_PREDEF ("_TTP",    "Translation Type", "Translation/static flag, Resource Descriptor field"),
 307     AH_PREDEF ("_TTS",    "Transition To State", "Inform AML of an S-state transition"),
 308     AH_PREDEF ("_TXL",    "Transmit Buffer Size", "Serial Channel buffer, Resource Descriptor field"),
 309     AH_PREDEF ("_TYP",    "Type", "DMA channel type (speed), Resource Descriptor field"),
 310     AH_PREDEF ("_TZ_",    "Thermal Zone", "Predefined scope: ACPI 1.0"),
 311     AH_PREDEF ("_TZD",    "Thermal Zone Devices", "Returns a list of device names associated with a Thermal Zone"),
 312     AH_PREDEF ("_TZM",    "Thermal Zone Member", "Returns a reference to the thermal zone of which a device is a member"),
 313     AH_PREDEF ("_TZP",    "Thermal Zone Polling", "Returns a Thermal zone's polling frequency"),
 314     AH_PREDEF ("_UID",    "Unique ID", "Return a device's unique persistent ID"),
 315     AH_PREDEF ("_UPC",    "USB Port Capabilities", "Returns a list of USB port capabilities"),
 316     AH_PREDEF ("_UPD",    "User Presence Detect", "Returns user detection information"),
 317     AH_PREDEF ("_UPP",    "User Presence Polling", "Returns the recommended user presence polling interval"),
 318     AH_PREDEF ("_VEN",    "Vendor Data", "Resource Descriptor field"),
 319     AH_PREDEF ("_VPO",    "Video Post Options", "Returns the implemented video post options"),
 320     AH_PREDEF ("_WAK",    "Wake", "Inform AML that the system has just awakened"),
 321     AH_PREDEF ("_Wxx",    "Wake Event", "Method executed as a result of a wake event"),
 322     AH_PREDEF (NULL,      NULL, NULL)
 323 };