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9884 cw(1) should use -fpic rather than -Kpic

@@ -27,12 +27,11 @@
 include ../../../Makefile.lib.64
 # With the adition of BIND 8.3.3, the symbol table for 64 bit went over
 # the limit for Kpic, so we add -KPIC here, for just the 64 bit SPARC
 # library. This avoids compiling the 32-bit library with PIC unnecessarily.
-sparcv9_C_PICFLAGS =    -K PIC
-sparcv9_CC_PICFLAGS =   -KPIC
+sparcv9_C_PICFLAGS =    $(sparcv9_C_BIGPICFLAGS)
 install: all $(ROOTLIBDIR64) $(ROOTLIBS64) $(ROOTLINKS64) $(ROOTLINT64)