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4526 nightly contains a great deal of effectively dead code

*** 144,157 **** .TP .B \-n Suppress the bringover so that the build will start immediately with current source code .TP - .B \-o - Do an "old style" (pre-S10) build using root privileges to set OWNER - and GROUP from the Makefiles. - .TP .B \-p Create packages for regular install .TP .B \-U Update proto area in the parent workspace --- 144,153 ----
*** 207,219 **** .TP .B \-N Do not run protocmp or checkpaths (note: this option is not recommended, especially in conjunction with the \-p option) .TP - .B \-W - Do not report warnings (for freeware gate ONLY) - .TP .B \-w Report which proto area objects differ between this and the last build. See wsdiff(1) for details. Note that the proto areas used for comparison are the last ones constructed as part of the build. As an example, if both a non-debug and debug build are performed (in that order), then the debug --- 203,212 ----
*** 233,250 **** .LP .B Miscellaneous options .TP 10 .B \-V VERS set the build version string to VERS, overriding VERSION - .TP - .B \-X - Copies the proto area and packages from the IHV and IHV-bin gates into the - nightly proto and package areas. This is only available on i386. See - .B REALMODE ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES - and - .B BUILDING THE IHV WORKSPACE - below. .LP .SH ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES .LP Here is a list of prominent environment variables that --- 226,235 ----
*** 276,316 **** .I nightly will fetch sources to either populate or update your workspace; it defaults to $CLONE_WS. .RE .LP - .B CLOSED_BRINGOVER_WS - .RS 5 - A full Mercurial workspace has two repositories: one for open source - and one for closed source. If this variable is non-null, - .I nightly - will pull from the repository that it names to get the closed source. - It defaults to $CLOSED_CLONE_WS. - .LP - If $CODEMGR_WS already exists and contains only the open repository, - .I nightly - will ignore this variable; you'll need to pull the closed repository - by hand if you want it. - .RE - .LP .B CLONE_WS .RS 5 This is the workspace from which .I nightly will fetch sources by default. This is often distinct from the parent, particularly if the parent is a gate. .RE .LP - .B CLOSED_CLONE_WS - .RS 5 - This is the default closed-source Mercurial repository that - .I nightly - might pull from (see - .B CLOSED_BRINGOVER_WS - for details). - .RE - .LP .B SRC .RS 5 Root of OS-Net source code, referenced by the Makefiles. It is the starting point of build activity. It should be expressed in terms of $CODEMGR_WS. --- 261,278 ----
*** 502,527 **** the developer downloads a closed binaries tree and unpacks it. .B ON_CLOSED_BINS tells nightly where to find these closed binaries, so that it can add them into the build. - .LP .RE - .B ON_CRYPTO_BINS - .RS 5 - This is the path to a compressed tarball that contains debug - cryptographic binaries that have been signed to allow execution - outside of Sun, e.g., $PARENT_WS/packages/$MACH/on-crypto.$MACH.bz2. - .I nightly - will automatically adjust the path for non-debug builds. This tarball - is needed if the closed-source tree is not present. Also, it is - usually needed when generating OpenSolaris deliverables from a project - workspace. This is because most projects do not have access to the - necessary key and certificate that would let them sign their own - cryptographic binaries. .LP - .RE .B CHECK_PATHS .RS 5 Normally, nightly runs the 'checkpaths' script to check for discrepancies among the files that list paths to other files, such as exception lists and req.flg. Set this flag to 'n' to disable this --- 464,475 ----
*** 585,650 **** .RS 5 This is reserved for per-build-machine customizations, and runs immedately after POST_NIGHTLY. .RE .LP - .SH REALMODE ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES - .LP - The following environment variables referenced by - .I nightly - are only required when the -X option is used. - .LP - .RE - .B IA32_IHV_WS - .RS 5 - Reference to the IHV workspace containing IHV driver binaries. - The IHV workspace must be fully built before starting the ON realmode build. - .LP - .RE - .B IA32_IHV_ROOT - .RS 5 - Reference to the IHV workspace proto area. - The IHV workspace must be fully built before starting the ON realmode build. - .LP - .RE - .B IA32_IHV_PKGS - .RS 5 - Reference to the IHV workspace packages. If this is empty or the directory - is non-existent, then nightly will skip copying the packages. - .LP - .RE - .B IA32_IHV_BINARY_PKGS - .RS 5 - Reference to binary-only IHV packages. If this is empty or the directory - is non-existent, then nightly will skip copying the packages. - .LP - .RE - .B SPARC_RM_PKGARCHIVE - .RS 5 - Destination for sparc realmode package SUNWrmodu. - Yes, this sparc package really is built on x86. .SH FILES .LP .RS 5 /etc/nightly.conf .RE .LP If present, nightly executes this file just prior to executing the .I env file. - .SH BUILDING THE IHV WORKSPACE - .LP - The IHV workspace can be built with - .I nightly. - The recommended options are: - .LP - .RS 5 - NIGHTLY_OPTIONS="-pmWN" - .RE - .LP - None of the realmode environment variables needed for ON realmode builds - are required to build the IHV workspace. .SH EXAMPLES .LP Start with the example file in usr/src/tools/env/ (or, copy to myenv and make your changes. .LP --- 533,551 ----