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4519 ABI checking needs to adapt to modern times, run by default

@@ -61,11 +61,14 @@
 PLUGIN          ^usr/lib/scsi/plugins
 PLUGIN          ^usr/lib/sysevent/modules
 PLUGIN          ^usr/perl5/5\.[^\\]*/lib
 PLUGIN          ^usr/platform
 PLUGIN          ^usr/sadm/lib/wbem
+# We unfortunately can't use MACH() here, since .../64/ is literal, and not a
+# link to to amd64 or sparcv9
+PLUGIN          ^usr/lib/dtrace/libdtrace_forceload\.so$
+PLUGIN          ^usr/lib/dtrace/64/libdtrace_forceload\.so$
 # sbcp is a special case, and not a plugin. However, it does not have a
 # versioned name, and does not contain versioning, so the PLUGIN exemptions fit.
 PLUGIN  ^usr/4lib/sbcp$