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-NFSv4 ACLs enable adminstrators to specify the order in which ACL entries are
+NFSv4 ACLs enable administrators to specify the order in which ACL entries are
 checked. With POSIX-draft ACLs the file system reorders ACL entries into a well
 defined, strict access, checking order.

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 Permissions can be specified in three different \fBchmod\fR ACL formats:
 verbose, compact, or positional. The verbose format uses words to indicate that
 the permissions are separated with a forward slash (\fB/\fR) character. Compact
 format uses the permission letters and positional format uses the permission
-letters or the hypen (\fB-\fR) to identify no permissions.
+letters or the hyphen (\fB-\fR) to identify no permissions.
 The permissions for verbose mode and their abbreviated form in parentheses for
 compact and positional mode are described as follows: