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*** 12,22 **** .nf /etc/krb5/warn.conf .fi .SH DESCRIPTION - .sp .LP The \fBwarn.conf\fR file contains configuration information specifying how users will be warned by the \fBktkt_warnd\fR daemon about ticket expiration. In addition, this file can be used to auto-renew the user's Ticket-Granting Ticket (TGT) instead of warning the user. Credential expiration warnings and --- 12,21 ----
*** 89,99 **** .ne 2 .na \fB\fBlog\fR\fR .ad .RS 15n ! Same as specifing both \fBlog-success\fR and \fBlog-failure\fR. .RE .LP Note - .sp --- 88,98 ---- .ne 2 .na \fB\fBlog\fR\fR .ad .RS 15n ! Same as specifying both \fBlog-success\fR and \fBlog-failure\fR. .RE .LP Note - .sp
*** 205,225 **** myname@ACME.COM: your kerberos credentials have been renewed .fi .in -2 .SH FILES - .sp .ne 2 .na \fB\fB/usr/lib/krb5/ktkt_warnd\fR\fR .ad .RS 28n Kerberos warning daemon .RE .SH ATTRIBUTES - .sp .LP See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: .sp .sp --- 204,222 ----
*** 231,244 **** _ Interface Stability Evolving .TE .SH SEE ALSO - .sp .LP \fBkinit\fR(1), \fBkdestroy\fR(1), \fBktkt_warnd\fR(1M), \fBsyslog.conf\fR(4), \fButmpx\fR(4), \fBattributes\fR(5), \fBkerberos\fR(5), \fBpam_krb5\fR(5) .SH NOTES - .sp .LP The auto-renew of the TGT is attempted only if the user is logged-in, as determined by examining \fButmpx\fR(4). --- 228,239 ----