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        p2_lifetime_kb num
            The lifetime of an SA can optionally be specified in kilobytes.
            This parameter specifies the default value. If lifetimes are
            specified in both seconds and kilobytes, the SA expires when either
-           the seconds or kilobyte threshholds are passed.
+           the seconds or kilobyte thresholds are passed.
        p2_softlife_kb num
            This value is the number of kilobytes that can be protected by an

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                An authentication algorithm.
                Use ipsecalgs(1M) with the -l option to list the IPsec
                protocols and algorithms currently defined on a system. The
-               cryptoadm list command diplays a list of installed providers
+               cryptoadm list command displays a list of installed providers
                and their mechanisms. See cryptoadm(1M).
            auth_method {preshared, rsa_sig, rsa_encrypt, dss_sig}