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-.TH DRIVER.CONF 4 "Jan 5, 2007"
+.TH DRIVER.CONF 4 "Sep 16, 2018"
 driver.conf \- driver configuration files
 Driver configuration files provide values for device properties. The values
 override values provided by the devices themselves. Most modern devices provide
 enough property values to make a driver configuration file unnecessary.
 The system associates a driver with its configuration file by name. For
 example, a driver in \fB/usr/kernel/drv\fR called \fBwombat\fR has the driver
 configuration file \fBwombat.conf\fR, also stored in \fB/usr/kernel/drv\fR,
-associated with it. On systems capable of support 64-bit drivers, the driver
+associated with it. On systems that support 64-bit drivers, the driver
 configuration file should be placed in the directory in which the 32-bit driver
 is (or would be) located, even if only a 64-bit version is provided. For
 example, a 64-bit driver stored in \fB/usr/kernel/drv/sparcv9\fR stores its
 driver configuration file in \fB/usr/kernel/drv\fR.

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 \fBdebug-level\fR property on that node (1). Looking up the same property on
 the second node retrieves the value of the global \fBdebug-level\fR property
 \fBadd_drv\fR(1M), \fBpci\fR(4), \fBpseudo\fR(4), \fBsbus\fR(4), \fBscsi\fR(4),
 \fBprobe\fR(9E), \fBddi_getlongprop\fR(9F), \fBddi_getprop\fR(9F),
 \fBddi_getproplen\fR(9F), \fBddi_prop_get_int\fR(9F),
 \fBddi_prop_lookup\fR(9F), \fBddi_prop_op\fR(9F)
 \fIWriting Device Drivers\fR
 To avoid namespace collisions between multiple driver vendors, it is strongly
 recommended that the \fIname\fR property of the driver should begin with a
 vendor-unique string. A reasonably compact and unique choice is the vendor
 over-the-counter stock symbol.
 The \fBupdate_drv\fR(1M) command should be used to prompt the kernel to reread
-\fBdriver.conf\fR files. Using \fBmodunload\fR(1M) to update \fBdriver.conf\fR
-continues to work in release 9 of the Solaris operating environment, but the
-behavior will change in a future release.
+\fBdriver.conf\fR files.