1 '\" te
   2 .\" Copyright (c) 2004, Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
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   6 .TH GETPROJENT 3PROJECT "Apr 5, 2004"
   7 .SH NAME
   8 getprojent, getprojbyname, getprojbyid, getdefaultproj, inproj,
   9 getprojidbyname, setprojent, endprojent, fgetprojent \- project database entry
  10 operations
  12 .LP
  13 .nf
  14 cc [ \fIflag\fR... ] \fIfile\fR... \(milproject [ \fIlibrary\fR... ]
  15 #include <project.h>
  17 \fBstruct project *\fR\fBgetprojent\fR(\fBstruct project *\fR\fIproj\fR, \fBvoid *\fR\fIbuffer\fR,
  18      \fBsize_t\fR \fIbufsize\fR);
  19 .fi
  21 .LP
  22 .nf
  23 \fBstruct project *\fR\fBgetprojbyname\fR(\fBconst char *\fR\fIname\fR,
  24      \fBstruct project *\fR\fIproj\fR, \fBvoid *\fR\fIbuffer\fR, \fBsize_t\fR \fIbufsize\fR);
  25 .fi
  27 .LP
  28 .nf
  29 \fBstruct project *\fR\fBgetprojbyid\fR(\fBprojid_t\fR \fIprojid\fR,
  30      \fBstruct project *\fR\fIproj\fR, \fBvoid *\fR\fIbuffer\fR, \fBsize_t\fR \fIbufsize\fR);
  31 .fi
  33 .LP
  34 .nf
  35 \fBstruct project *\fR\fBgetdefaultproj\fR(\fBconst char *\fR\fIusername\fR,
  36      \fBstruct project *\fR\fIproj\fR, \fBvoid *\fR\fIbuffer\fR, \fBsize_t\fR \fIbufsize\fR);
  37 .fi
  39 .LP
  40 .nf
  41 \fBint\fR \fBinproj\fR(\fBconst char *\fR\fIusername\fR, \fBconst char *\fR\fIprojname\fR,
  42      \fBvoid *\fR\fIbuffer\fR, \fBsize_t\fR \fIbufsize\fR);
  43 .fi
  45 .LP
  46 .nf
  47 \fBprojid_t\fR \fBgetprojidbyname\fR(\fBconst char *\fR\fIname\fR);
  48 .fi
  50 .LP
  51 .nf
  52 \fBvoid\fR \fBsetprojent\fR(\fBvoid\fR);
  53 .fi
  55 .LP
  56 .nf
  57 \fBvoid\fR \fBendprojent\fR(\fBvoid\fR);
  58 .fi
  60 .LP
  61 .nf
  62 \fBstruct project *\fR\fBfgetprojent\fR(\fBFILE *\fR\fIf\fR, \fBstruct project *\fR\fIproj\fR,
  63      \fBvoid *\fR\fIbuffer\fR, \fBsize_t\fR \fIbufsize\fR);
  64 .fi
  67 .LP
  68 These functions are used to obtain entries describing user projects. Entries
  69 can come from any of the sources for a project specified in the
  70 \fB/etc/nsswitch.conf\fR file (see \fBnsswitch.conf\fR(4)).
  71 .sp
  72 .LP
  73 The \fBsetprojent()\fR, \fBgetprojent()\fR, and \fBendprojent()\fR functions
  74 are used to enumerate project entries from the database.
  75 .sp
  76 .LP
  77 The \fBsetprojent()\fR function effectively rewinds the project database to
  78 allow repeated searches. It sets (or resets) the enumeration to the beginning
  79 of the set of project entries. This function should be called before the first
  80 call to \fBgetprojent()\fR.
  81 .sp
  82 .LP
  83 The \fBgetprojent()\fR function returns a pointer to a structure containing the
  84 broken-out fields of an entry in the project database. When first called,
  85 \fBgetprojent()\fR returns a pointer to a project structure containing the
  86 first project structure in the project database. Successive calls can be used
  87 to read the entire database.
  88 .sp
  89 .LP
  90 The \fBendprojent()\fR function closes the project database and deallocates
  91 resources when processing is complete. It is permissible, though possibly less
  92 efficient, for the process to call more project functions after calling
  93 \fBendprojent()\fR.
  94 .sp
  95 .LP
  96 The \fBgetprojbyname()\fR function searches the project database for an entry
  97 with the project name specified by the character string \fIname\fR.
  98 .sp
  99 .LP
 100 The \fBgetprojbyid()\fR function searches the project database for an entry
 101 with the (numeric) project \fBID\fR specified by \fIprojid\fR.
 102 .sp
 103 .LP
 104 The \fBgetdefaultproj()\fR function first looks up the project key word in the
 105 \fBuser_attr\fR database used to define user attributes in restricted Solaris
 106 environments. If the database is available and the keyword is present, the
 107 function looks up the named project, returning \fINULL\fR if it cannot be found
 108 or if the user is not a member of the named project. If absent, the function
 109 looks for a match in the project database for the special project
 110 \fBuser\fR.\fIusername\fR. If no match is found, or if the user is excluded
 111 from project \fBuser\fR.\fIusername\fR, the function looks at the default group
 112 entry of the \fBpasswd\fR database for the user, and looks for a match in the
 113 project database for the special name \fBgroup\fR.\fIgroupname\fR, where
 114 \fIgroupname\fR is the default group associated with the password entry
 115 corresponding to the given \fIusername\fR. If no match is found, or if the user
 116 is excluded from project \fBgroup\fR.\fIgroupname\fR, the function returns
 117 \fINULL\fR. A special project entry called 'default' can be looked up and used
 118 as a last resort, unless the user is excluded from project 'default'. On
 119 successful lookup, this function returns a pointer to the valid \fBproject\fR
 120 structure. By convention, the user must have a default project defined on a
 121 system to be able to log on to that system.
 122 .sp
 123 .LP
 124 The \fBinproj()\fR function checks if the user specified by \fIusername\fR is
 125 able to use the project specified by \fIprojname\fR. This function returns 1 if
 126 the user belongs to the list of project's users, if there is a project's group
 127 that contains the specified user, if project is a user's default project, or if
 128 project's user or group list contains "*"  wildcard. In all other cases it
 129 returns 0.
 130 .sp
 131 .LP
 132 The \fBgetprojidbyname()\fR function searches the project database for an entry
 133 with the project name specified by the character string name. This function
 134 returns the project ID if the requested entry is found; otherwise it returns
 135 \(mi1.
 136 .sp
 137 .LP
 138 The \fBfgetprojent()\fR function, unlike the other functions described above,
 139 does not use \fBnsswitch.conf\fR; it reads and parses the next line from the
 140 stream \fIf\fR, which is assumed to have the format of the \fBproject\fR(4)
 141 file. This function returns the same values as \fBgetprojent()\fR.
 142 .sp
 143 .LP
 144 The \fBgetprojent()\fR, \fBgetprojbyname()\fR, \fBgetprojbyid()\fR,
 145 \fBgetdefaultproj()\fR, and \fBinproj()\fR functions are reentrant interfaces
 146 for operations with the \fBproject\fR database. These functions use buffers
 147 supplied by the caller to store returned results and are safe for use in both
 148 single-threaded and multithreaded applications.
 149 .sp
 150 .LP
 151 Reentrant interfaces require the additional arguments \fIproj\fR, \fIbuffer\fR,
 152 and \fIbufsize\fR. The \fIproj\fR argument must be a pointer to a \fBstruct
 153 project\fR structure allocated by the caller. On successful completion, the
 154 function returns the project entry in this structure. Storage referenced by the
 155 \fBproject\fR structure is allocated from the memory provided with the
 156 \fIbuffer\fR argument, which is \fIbufsize\fR bytes in size. The  content  of
 157 the memory buffer could be lost in cases when these functions return errors.
 158 .sp
 159 .LP
 160 For enumeration in multithreaded applications, the position within the
 161 enumeration is a process-wide property shared by all threads. The
 162 \fBsetprojent()\fR function can be used in a multithreaded application but
 163 resets the enumeration position for all threads. If multiple threads interleave
 164 calls to \fBgetprojent()\fR, the threads will enumerate disjoint subsets of the
 165 project database. The \fBinproj()\fR, \fBgetprojbyname()\fR,
 166 \fBgetprojbyid()\fR, and \fBgetdefaultproj()\fR functions leave the enumeration
 167 position in an indeterminate state.
 169 .LP
 170 Project entries are represented by the \fBstruct project\fR structure defined
 171 in <\fBproject.h\fR>.
 172 .sp
 173 .in +2
 174 .nf
 175 struct project {
 176     char      *pj_name;     /* name of the project */
 177     projid_t  pj_projid;    /* numerical project id */
 178     char      *pj_comment;  /* project comment */
 179     char      **pj_users;   /* vector of pointers to
 180                                project user names */
 181     char      **pj_groups;  /* vector of pointers to
 182                                project group names */
 183     char      *pj_attr;     /* project attributes */
 184 };
 185 .fi
 186 .in -2
 188 .sp
 189 .LP
 190 The \fBgetprojbyname()\fR and \fBgetprojbyid()\fR functions each return a
 191 pointer to a \fBstruct project\fR if they successfully locate the requested
 192 entry; otherwise they return \fINULL\fR.
 193 .sp
 194 .LP
 195 The \fBgetprojent()\fR function returns a pointer to a \fBstruct project\fR if
 196 it successfully enumerates an entry; otherwise it returns \fINULL\fR,
 197 indicating the end of the enumeration.
 198 .sp
 199 .LP
 200 The \fBgetprojidbyname()\fR function returns the project ID if the requested
 201 entry is found; otherwise it returns \(mi1 and sets errno to indicate the
 202 error.
 203 .sp
 204 .LP
 205 When the pointer returned by the reentrant functions \fBgetprojbyname()\fR,
 206 \fBgetprojbyid()\fR, and \fBgetprojent()\fR is non-null, it is always equal to
 207 the \fIproj\fR pointer that was supplied by the caller.
 208 .sp
 209 .LP
 210 Upon failure, \fBNULL\fR is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.
 212 .LP
 213 The \fBgetprojent()\fR, \fBgetprojbyname()\fR, \fBgetprojbyid()\fR,
 214 \fBinproj()\fR, \fBgetprojidbyname()\fR, \fBfgetprojent()\fR, and
 215 \fBgetdefaultproj()\fR functions will fail if:
 216 .sp
 217 .ne 2
 218 .na
 219 \fB\fBEINTR\fR\fR
 220 .ad
 221 .RS 10n
 222 A signal was caught during the operation.
 223 .RE
 225 .sp
 226 .ne 2
 227 .na
 228 \fB\fBEIO\fR\fR
 229 .ad
 230 .RS 10n
 231 An I/O error has occurred.
 232 .RE
 234 .sp
 235 .ne 2
 236 .na
 237 \fB\fBEMFILE\fR\fR
 238 .ad
 239 .RS 10n
 240 There are \fBOPEN_MAX\fR file descriptors currently open in the calling
 241 process.
 242 .RE
 244 .sp
 245 .ne 2
 246 .na
 247 \fB\fBENFILE\fR\fR
 248 .ad
 249 .RS 10n
 250 The maximum allowable number of files is currently open in the system.
 251 .RE
 253 .sp
 254 .ne 2
 255 .na
 256 \fB\fBERANGE\fR\fR
 257 .ad
 258 .RS 10n
 259 Insufficient storage was supplied by \fIbuffer\fR and \fIbufsize\fR to contain
 260 the data to be referenced by the resulting \fBproject\fR structure.
 261 .RE
 263 .sp
 264 .LP
 265 These functions can also fail if the name service switch does not specify valid
 266 \fBproject\fR(4) name service sources. In the case of an incompletely
 267 configured name service switch configuration, \fBgetprojbyid()\fR and other
 268 functions can return error values other than those documented above. These
 269 conditions usually occur when the \fBnsswitch.conf\fR file indicates that one
 270 or more name services is providing entries for the project database when that
 271 name service does not actually make a project table available.
 272 .SH USAGE
 273 .LP
 274 When compiling multithreaded applications, see \fBIntro\fR(3), Notes On
 275 Multithreaded Applications.
 276 .sp
 277 .LP
 278 Use of the enumeration interface \fBgetprojent()\fR is discouraged. Enumeration
 279 is supported for the project file, NIS, and LDAP but in general is not
 280 efficient. The semantics of enumeration are discussed further in
 281 \fBnsswitch.conf\fR(4).
 283 .LP
 284 See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:
 285 .sp
 287 .sp
 288 .TS
 289 box;
 290 c | c
 291 l | l .
 293 _
 294 Interface Stability     Evolving
 295 _
 296 MT-Level        See Description.
 297 .TE
 300 .LP
 301 \fBIntro\fR(3), \fBlibproject\fR(3LIB), \fBproject_walk\fR(3PROJECT),
 302 \fBsysconf\fR(3C), \fBnsswitch.conf\fR(4), \fBproject\fR(4),
 303 \fBattributes\fR(5)