1 '\" te
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   6 .TH PSET_BIND 2 "Mar 13, 2009"
   7 .SH NAME
   8 pset_bind \- bind LWPs to a set of processors
  10 .LP
  11 .nf
  12 #include <sys/pset.h>
  14 \fBint\fR \fBpset_bind\fR(\fBpsetid_t\fR \fIpset\fR, \fBidtype_t\fR \fIidtype\fR, \fBid_t\fR \fIid\fR, \fBpsetid_t *\fR\fIopset\fR);
  15 .fi
  18 .LP
  19 The \fBpset_bind()\fR function binds the \fBLWP\fR or set of \fBLWPs\fR
  20 specified by \fIidtype\fR and \fIid\fR to the processor set specified by
  21 \fIpset\fR. If \fIopset\fR is not \fINULL\fR, \fBpset_bind()\fR sets the
  22 \fBpsetid_t\fR variable pointed to by \fIopset\fR to the previous processor set
  23 binding of one of the specified \fBLWP\fR, or to \fBPS_NONE\fR if the selected
  24 \fBLWP\fR was not bound.
  25 .sp
  26 .LP
  27 If \fIidtype\fR is \fBP_PID\fR, the binding affects all \fBLWP\fRs of the
  28 process with process \fBID\fR (PID) \fIid\fR.
  29 .sp
  30 .LP
  31 If \fIidtype\fR is \fBP_LWPID\fR, the binding affects the \fBLWP\fR of the
  32 current process with \fBLWP ID\fR \fIid\fR.
  33 .sp
  34 .LP
  35 If \fIidtype\fR is \fBP_TASKID\fR, the binding affects all LWPs of all
  36 processes with task ID \fIid\fR.
  37 .sp
  38 .LP
  39 If \fIidtype\fR is \fBP_PROJID\fR, the binding affects all LWPs of all
  40 processes with project ID \fIid\fR.
  41 .sp
  42 .LP
  43 If \fIidtype\fR is \fBP_ZONEID\fR, the binding affects all LWPs of all
  44 processes with zone ID \fIid\fR.
  45 .sp
  46 .LP
  47 If \fIidtype\fR is \fBP_CTID\fR, the binding affects all LWPs of all processes
  48 with process contract ID \fIid\fR.
  49 .sp
  50 .LP
  51 If \fIid\fR is \fBP_MYID\fR, the specified LWP, process, task, process, zone,
  52 or process contract is the current one.
  53 .sp
  54 .LP
  55 If \fIpset\fR is \fBPS_NONE\fR, the processor set bindings of the specified
  56 LWPs are cleared.
  57 .sp
  58 .LP
  59 If \fIpset\fR is \fBPS_QUERY\fR, the processor set bindings are not changed.
  60 .sp
  61 .LP
  62 If \fIpset\fR is \fBPS_MYID\fR, the specified LWPs are bound to the same
  63 processor set as the caller. If the caller is not bound to a processor set, the
  64 processor set bindings are cleared.
  65 .sp
  66 .LP
  67 The {\fBPRIV_SYS_RES_CONFIG\fR} privilege must be asserted in the effective set
  68 of the calling process or \fIpset\fR must be \fBPS_QUERY\fR.
  69 .sp
  70 .LP
  71 LWPs that have been bound to a processor with \fBprocessor_bind\fR(2) may also
  72 be bound to a processor set if the processor is part of the processor set. If
  73 this occurs, the binding to the processor remains in effect. If the processor
  74 binding is later removed, the processor set binding becomes effective.
  75 .sp
  76 .LP
  77 Processor set bindings are inherited across \fBfork\fR(2) and \fBexec\fR(2).
  79 .LP
  80 Upon successful completion, 0 is returned. Otherwise, \(mi1 is returned and
  81 \fBerrno\fR is set to indicate the error.
  83 .LP
  84 The \fBpset_bind()\fR function will fail if:
  85 .sp
  86 .ne 2
  87 .na
  88 \fB\fBEBUSY\fR\fR
  89 .ad
  90 .RS 11n
  91 One of the \fBLWP\fRs is bound to a processor, and the specified processor set
  92 does not include that processor.
  93 .RE
  95 .sp
  96 .ne 2
  97 .na
  98 \fB\fBEFAULT\fR\fR
  99 .ad
 100 .RS 11n
 101 The location pointed to by \fIopset\fR was not \fINULL\fR and not writable by
 102 the user.
 103 .RE
 105 .sp
 106 .ne 2
 107 .na
 108 \fB\fBEINVAL\fR\fR
 109 .ad
 110 .RS 11n
 111 An invalid processor set \fBID\fR was specified;  or \fIidtype\fR was not
 112 \fBP_PID\fR, \fBP_LWPID\fR, \fBP_PROJID\fR, \fBP_TASKID\fR, \fBP_ZONEID\fR, or
 113 \fBP_CTID\fR.
 114 .RE
 116 .sp
 117 .ne 2
 118 .na
 119 \fB\fBENOTSUP\fR\fR
 120 .ad
 121 .RS 11n
 122 The pools facility is active.  See \fBpooladm\fR(1M) and
 123 \fBpool_set_status\fR(3POOL) for information about enabling and disabling the
 124 pools facility. Processes can be bound to pools using the \fBpoolbind\fR(1M)
 125 utility or the \fBpool_set_binding\fR(3POOL) function.
 126 .sp
 127 Binding a system process to a processor set is not supported.
 128 .RE
 130 .sp
 131 .ne 2
 132 .na
 133 \fB\fBEPERM\fR\fR
 134 .ad
 135 .RS 11n
 136 The {\fBPRIV_PROC_OWNER\fR} is not asserted in the effective set of the calling
 137 process and either the real or effective user ID of the calling process does
 138 not match the real or effective user \fBID\fR of one of the LWPs being bound,
 139 or the processor set from which one or more of the LWPs are being unbound has
 140 the \fBPSET_NOESCAPE\fR attribute set and {\fBPRIV_SYS_RES_CONFIG\fR) is not
 141 asserted in the effective set of the calling process. See \fBpset_setattr\fR(2)
 142 for more information about processor set attributes.
 143 .RE
 145 .sp
 146 .ne 2
 147 .na
 148 \fB\fBESRCH\fR\fR
 149 .ad
 150 .RS 11n
 151 No processes, \fBLWP\fRs, or tasks were found to match the criteria specified
 152 by \fIidtype\fR and \fIid\fR.
 153 .RE
 156 .LP
 157 See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:
 158 .sp
 160 .sp
 161 .TS
 162 box;
 163 c | c
 164 l | l .
 166 _
 167 Interface Stability     Committed
 168 _
 169 MT-Level        Async-Signal-Safe
 170 .TE
 173 .LP
 174 \fBpbind\fR(1M), \fBpooladm\fR(1M), \fBpoolbind\fR(1M), \fBpsrset\fR(1M),
 175 \fBexec\fR(2), \fBfork\fR(2), \fBprocessor_bind\fR(2), \fBpset_create\fR(2),
 176 \fBpset_info\fR(2), \fBpset_setattr\fR(2), \fBpool_set_binding\fR(3POOL),
 177 \fBpool_set_status\fR(3POOL), \fBpset_getloadavg\fR(3C), \fBprocess\fR(4),
 178 \fBproject\fR(4), \fBattributes\fR(5), \fBprivileges\fR(5)