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      [\fB-\fR [uU] [!] \fIlib\fR ,... : [:] [!] \fIfunc\fR ,...]
      [\fB-o\fR \fIoutfile\fR] \fIcommand\fR | \fB-p\fR \fIpid\fR[\fI/lwps\fR]...
 The \fBtruss\fR utility executes the specified command and produces a trace of
 the system calls it performs, the signals it receives, and the machine faults
 it incurs. Each line of the trace output reports either the fault or signal
 name or the system call name with its arguments and return value(s). System

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 Optionally (see the \fB-u\fR option), \fBtruss\fR also produce an entry/exit
 trace of user-level function calls executed by the traced process, indented to
 indicate nesting.
 For those options that take a list argument, the name \fBall\fR can be used as
 a shorthand to specify all possible members of the list. If the list begins
 with a \fB!\fR, the meaning of the option is negated (for example, exclude
 rather than trace). Multiple occurrences of the same option can be specified.

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 \fBExample 4 \fRAbbreviating Output
-The following example abreviates output:
+The following example abbreviates output:
 .in +2
 example$ \fBtruss nroff -mm \fIdocument\fR >nroff.out\fR

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 Interrupting \fBtruss\fR returns \fBinit\fR to normal operation.
 .ne 2
 .RS 11n
 Process files
 \fBdate\fR(1), \fBfind\fR(1), \fBproc\fR(1), \fBps\fR(1), \fBsh\fR(1),
 \fBspell\fR(1), \fBinit\fR(1M), \fBIntro\fR(3), \fBexec\fR(2), \fBfork\fR(2),
 \fBlseek\fR(2), \fBopen\fR(2), \fBread\fR(2), \fBtime\fR(2), \fBvfork\fR(2),
 \fBwrite\fR(2), \fBctime\fR(3C), \fBsignal.h\fR(3HEAD), \fBproc\fR(4),

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 \fBattributes\fR(5), \fBprivileges\fR(5), \fBthreads\fR(5)
 \fIman pages section 2: System Calls\fR
 Some of the system calls described in \fIman pages section 2: System Calls\fR
 differ from the actual operating system interfaces. Do not be surprised by
 minor deviations of the trace output from the descriptions in that document.