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*** 59,69 **** .nf \fB/usr/xpg4/bin/find\fR [\fB-H\fR | \fB-L\fR] \fIpath\fR... \fIexpression\fR .fi .SH DESCRIPTION - .sp .LP The \fBfind\fR utility recursively descends the directory hierarchy for each \fIpath\fR seeking files that match a Boolean \fIexpression\fR written in the primaries specified below. .sp --- 59,68 ----
*** 74,84 **** .sp .LP \fBfind\fR detects infinite loops; that is, entering a previously visited directory that is an ancestor of the last file encountered. .SH OPTIONS - .sp .LP The following options are supported: .sp .ne 2 .na --- 73,82 ----
*** 117,127 **** .LP Specifying more than one of the mutually-exclusive options \fB-H\fR and \fB-L\fR is not considered an error. The last option specified determines the behavior of the utility. .SH OPERANDS - .sp .LP The following operands are supported: .sp .ne 2 .na --- 115,124 ----
*** 170,180 **** .RE .RE .SS "Expressions" - .sp .LP Valid expressions are: .sp .ne 2 .na --- 167,176 ----
*** 719,729 **** .RS 17n True if the file has extended attributes. .RE .SS "Complex Expressions" - .sp .LP The primaries can be combined using the following operators (in order of decreasing precedence): .sp .ne 2 --- 715,724 ----
*** 786,796 **** .LP The \fB-user\fR, \fB-group\fR, and \fB-newer\fR primaries each evaluate their respective arguments only once. Invocation of \fIcommand\fR specified by \fB-exec\fR or \fB-ok\fR does not affect subsequent primaries on the same file. .SH USAGE - .sp .LP See \fBlargefile\fR(5) for the description of the behavior of \fBfind\fR when encountering files greater than or equal to 2 Gbyte (2^31 bytes). .SH EXAMPLES .LP --- 781,790 ----
*** 814,824 **** .LP \fBExample 2 \fRRemoving Files .sp .LP ! The following comand removes all files in your home directory named \fBa.out\fR or \fB*.o\fR that have not been accessed for a week: .sp .in +2 .nf --- 808,818 ---- .LP \fBExample 2 \fRRemoving Files .sp .LP ! The following command removes all files in your home directory named \fBa.out\fR or \fB*.o\fR that have not been accessed for a week: .sp .in +2 .nf
*** 961,971 **** .fi .in -2 .sp .SH ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES - .sp .LP See \fBenviron\fR(5) for descriptions of the following environment variables that affect the execution of \fBfind\fR: \fBLANG\fR, \fBLC_ALL\fR, \fBLC_COLLATE\fR, \fBLC_CTYPE\fR, \fBLC_MESSAGES\fR, and \fBNLSPATH\fR. .sp --- 955,964 ----
*** 987,997 **** elements used in the expression defined for \fByesexpr\fR. The locale specified in \fBLC_CTYPE\fR determines the locale for interpretation of sequences of bytes of text data a characters, the behavior of character classes used in the expression defined for the \fByesexpr\fR. See \fBlocale\fR(5). .SH EXIT STATUS - .sp .LP The following exit values are returned: .sp .ne 2 .na --- 980,989 ----
*** 1009,1019 **** .RS 6n An error occurred. .RE .SH FILES - .sp .ne 2 .na \fB\fB/etc/passwd\fR\fR .ad .RS 20n --- 1001,1010 ----
*** 1037,1047 **** .RS 20n File that registers distributed file system packages .RE .SH ATTRIBUTES - .sp .LP See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: .sp .sp --- 1028,1037 ----
*** 1057,1074 **** _ Standard See \fBstandards\fR(5). .TE .SH SEE ALSO - .sp .LP \fBchmod\fR(1), \fBcpio\fR(1), \fBsh\fR(1), \fBtest\fR(1), \fBls\fR(1B), \fBacl\fR(5), \fBregex\fR(5), \fBstat\fR(2), \fBumask\fR(2), \fBattributes\fR(5), \fBenviron\fR(5), \fBfsattr\fR(5), \fBlargefile\fR(5), \fBlocale\fR(5), \fBstandards\fR(5) .SH WARNINGS - .sp .LP The following options are obsolete and will not be supported in future releases: .sp .ne 2 --- 1047,1062 ----
*** 1089,1099 **** Always true. Writes the current file on \fIdevice\fR in \fBcpio\fR \fB-c\fR format (5120-byte records). .RE .SH NOTES - .sp .LP When using \fBfind\fR to determine files modified within a range of time, use the \fB-mtime\fR argument \fBbefore\fR the \fB-print\fR argument. Otherwise, \fBfind\fR gives all files. .sp --- 1077,1086 ----