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 '\" te
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-.TH KVA_MATCH 3SECDB "Aug 12, 1999"
+.TH KVA_MATCH 3SECDB "Aug 13, 2018"
 kva_match \- look up a key in a key-value array
-cc [ \fIflag\fR... ] \fIfile\fR...- lsecdb [ \fIlibrary\fR... ]
+cc [ \fIflag\fR... ] \fIfile\fR... -lsecdb [ \fIlibrary\fR... ]
 #include <secdb.h>
 \fBchar *\fR\fBkva_match\fR(\fBkva_t *\fR\fIkva\fR, \fBchar *\fR\fIkey\fR);
 The \fBkva_match()\fR function searches a \fBkva_t\fR structure, which is part
 of the  \fBauthattr_t\fR, \fBexecattr_t\fR, \fBprofattr_t\fR, or
 \fBuserattr_t\fR structures. The function takes two arguments: a pointer to a
 key value array, and a key.  If the key is in the array, the function returns a
 pointer to the first corresponding value that matches that key.  Otherwise, the
 function returns \fINULL\fR.
 Upon successful completion, the function returns a pointer to the value sought.
 Otherwise, it returns \fINULL\fR.
 See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

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 MT-Level        MT-Safe
 \fBgetauthattr\fR(3SECDB), \fBgetexecattr\fR(3SECDB),
 \fBgetprofattr\fR(3SECDB), \fBgetuserattr\fR(3SECDB)
 The \fBkva_match()\fR function returns a pointer to data that already exists in
 the key-value array. It does not allocate its own memory for this pointer but
 obtains it from the key-value array that is passed as its first argument.