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9097 typos in makemap(1M)/editmap(1M)

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        makemap - create database maps for sendmail
        makemap [-N] [-d] [-f] [-o] [-r] [-s] [-v] [-C file]
             [-c cachesize] [-D commentchar] [-e] [-l] [-t delim]
-            [-u] mantype mapname
+            [-u] maptype mapname
        makemap creates the database maps used by the keyed map lookups in
        sendmail(1M). makemap reads from the standard input and outputs to the

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        specified mapname.
        In all cases, makemap reads lines from the standard input consisting of
        two words separated by whitespace. The first is the database key, the
-       second is the value. The value may contain %n strings to indicated
+       second is the value. The value may contain %n strings to indicate
        parameter substitution. Literal percents should be doubled (%%). Blank
        lines and lines beginning with # are ignored.
-       makemap handles three different database formats. Database format is
-       selected using the maptype parameter. See OPERANDS.
+       Depending on how it is compiled, makemap handles up to three different
+       database formats, selected using the maptype parameter. See OPERANDS.
        The following options are supported:
        -c cachesize

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                          Allow duplicate keys in the map. This is only allowed
                          on B-Tree format maps. If two identical keys are
-                         read, both be inserted into the map.
+                         read, both are inserted into the map.
        -D commentchar
                          Use the specified character to indicate a comment
                          (which is ignored) instead of the default of '#'.

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                          Include the null byte that terminates strings in the
                          map. This must match the -N flag in the K line in
                          Append to an old file. This allows you to augment an
                          existing file.

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                          the specified delimiter is used when the content is
                          dumped instead of whitespace.
-                         Verbosely print what it is doing.
+                         Verbosely print keys and values being added.
        The following operands are supported:

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        editmap(1M), sendmail(1M), attributes(5)
-                                April 22, 2008                     MAKEMAP(1M)
+                               January 21, 2019                    MAKEMAP(1M)