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                            succeed. If status bits are set, a transfer will
                            fail. If a transfer will succeed, zero is returned.
                            If a transfer fails, the driver returns EIO and the
                            state of the status bits are captured. The captured
                            status can be retrieved using the BPPIOC_GETERR
-                           ioctl(2) call.  BPPIOC_TESTIO and BPPIOC_GETERR are
-                           compatible to the ioctls specified in bpp(7D).
+                           ioctl(2) call.
                            Note -
                              Unlike the ecpp(7D) driver, only the
                              ECPP_CENTRONICS mode is currently supported in

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        |Architecture   | SPARC, x86, PCI-based systems |
        cfgadm_usb(1M), printmgr(1M), ioctl(2), open(2), read(2), write(2),
-       attributes(5), bpp(7D), ecpp(7D), ugen(7D), usba(7D), prnio(7I),
-       attach(9E)
+       attributes(5), ecpp(7D), ugen(7D), usba(7D), prnio(7I), attach(9E)
        Writing Device Drivers

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        disconnecting the USB cable of USB Parallel Printer Adapter from the
        host or hub port.
-                                 May 13, 2017                       USBPRN(7D)
+                                 May 17, 2020                       USBPRN(7D)