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        The ecpp driver provides a bi-directional interface to IEEE 1284
        compliant devices as well as a forward single-directional interface to
        Centronics devices. In addition to the Centronics protocol, the ecpp
-       driver supports the IEEE 1284Compatibility, Nibble, and ECP protocols.
+       driver supports the IEEE 1284 Compatibility, Nibble, and ECP protocols.
        ECPP_COMPAT_MODE and ECPP_CENTRONICS modes of operation have logically
        identical handshaking protocols, however devices that support
        ECPP_COMPAT_MODE are IEEE 1284 compliant devices. IEEE 1284 compliant
        devices support at least ECPP_COMPAT_MODE and ECPP_NIBBLE_MODE.
        Centronics devices support only ECPP_CENTRONICS mode.

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                            conditions are ok, 0 is returned. Otherwise, -1 is
                            returned, errno is set to EIO and the state of the
                            status pins is captured. The captured status can be
                            retrieved using the BPPIOC_GETERR ioctl(2) call.
                            The timeout_occurred and bus_error fields will
-                           never be set by this ioctl(2). BPPIOC_TESTIO and
-                           BPPIOC_GETERR are compatible to the ioctls
-                           specified in bpp(7D).
+                           never be set by this ioctl(2).
                            Get last error status. The argument is a pointer to
                            a struct bpp_error_status defined in <sys/bpp_io.h>

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        |Interface stability | Evolving                |
        modload(1M), modunload(1M), update_drv(1M), ioctl(2), open(2), read(2),
-       write(2), attributes(5), bpp(7D), usbprn(7D), prnio(7I), streamio(7I)
+       write(2), attributes(5), usbprn(7D), prnio(7I), streamio(7I)
        IEEE Std 1284-1994

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            Driver does not support parallel port controller on the given host.
            Attach failed.
-                               January 10, 2020                       ECPP(7D)
+                                 May 17, 2020                         ECPP(7D)