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 .\" Copyright (c) 2015, Joyent, Inc.  All rights reserved.
-.TH LF64 5 "Jan 14, 2015"
+.TH LF64 5 "May 17, 2020"
 lf64 \- transitional interfaces for 64-bit file offsets
 The data types, interfaces, and macros described on this page provide explicit
 access to 64-bit file offsets. They are accessible through the transitional
 compilation environment described on the \fBlfcompile64\fR(5) manual page. The
 function prototype and semantics of a transitional interface are equivalent to
 those of the standard version of the call, except that relevant data types are
 64-bit entities.
 .SS "Data Types"
 The following tables list the standard data or struct types in the left-hand
 column and their  corresponding explicit 64-bit file offset types in the
 right-hand column, grouped by header. The absence of an entry in the  left-hand
 column indicates that there is no existing explicit 32-bit type that
 corresponds to the 64-bit type listed in the right\(emhand column.  Note that

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 l l
 l l .
 struct \fBstatvfs\fR    struct \fBstatvfs64\fR
    \fBfsblkcnt_t\fR f_blocks;      \fBfsblkcnt64_t\fR f_blocks;
    \fBfsblkcnt_t\fR f_bfree;       \fBfsblkcnt64_t\fR f_bfree;
-   \fBfsblkcnt_t\fR f_bavial;      \fBfsblkcnt64_t\fR f_bavial;
+   \fBfsblkcnt_t\fR f_bavail;      \fBfsblkcnt64_t\fR f_bavail;
    \fBfsfilcnt_t\fR  f_files;      \fBfsfilcnt64_t\fR  f_files;
    \fBfsfilcnt_t\fR  f_ffree;      \fBfsfilcnt64_t\fR  f_ffree;
    \fBfsfilcnt_t\fR  f_favail;     \fBfsfilcnt64_t\fR  f_favail;

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 .SS "System Interfaces"
 The following tables display the standard API and the corresponding
 transitional  interfaces for 64-bit file offsets. The interfaces are grouped by
 header. The interface name and the affected data types are displayed in courier
 .SS "<\fBaio.h\fR>"

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 ssize_t \fBpwritev\fR(..., \fBoff_t\fR);        ssize_t \fBpwritev64\fR(..., \fBoff64_t\fR);
 int \fBtruncate\fR(..., \fBoff_t\fR);   int \fBtruncate64\fR(..., \fBoff64_t\fR);
 \fBlfcompile\fR(5), \fBlfcompile64\fR(5)