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            2.     User-defined ordering of collating elements. Each collating
                   element is assigned a collation value defining its order in
                   the character (or basic) collation sequence. This ordering
                   is used by regular expressions and pattern matching and,
-                  unless  collation weights are explicity specified, also as
+                  unless collation weights are explicitly specified, also as
                   the collation weight to be used in sorting.
            3.     Multiple weights and equivalence classes. Collating elements
                   can be assigned one or more (up to the limit
                   {COLL_WEIGHTS_MAX} ) collating weights for use in sorting.

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        wcsxfrm(3C), wctype(3C), attributes(5), charmap(5), extensions(5),
-                                 April 9, 2016                       LOCALE(5)
+                                 May 16, 2020                        LOCALE(5)