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12743 man page spelling mistakes

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        a covering mask, in addition to normal searching as you would do with a
        table.  It is not possible to use the tree data storage type with
        group-map configuration entries.
-       When a pool is defined in the configruation file, it must have an
+       When a pool is defined in the configuration file, it must have an
        associated role.  At present the only supported role is ipf.  Future
        development will see further expansion of their use by other sections
        of IPFilter code.

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        ippool(1M), hosts(4), ipf(4), ipf(1M), ipnat(1M), ipfilter(5)
-                                 April 9, 2016                       IPPOOL(4)
+                                 May 16, 2020                        IPPOOL(4)