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12743 man page spelling mistakes

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        property of a different type is an error.
        The pool_rm_property() function attempts to remove the named property
        from the element.  If the property does not exist or is not removable,
-       -1 is returned and pool_error(3POOL) reporst an error of POE_PUTPROP.
+       -1 is returned and pool_error(3POOL) reports an error of POE_PUTPROP.
        The pool_walk_properties() function invokes callback on all properties
        defined for the given element. The callback is called with the element
        itself, the name of the property, the value of the property, and the

@@ -188,6 +188,6 @@
        libpool(3LIB), pool_error(3POOL), attributes(5)
-                              September 23, 2003      POOL_GET_PROPERTY(3POOL)
+                                 May 16, 2020         POOL_GET_PROPERTY(3POOL)