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          struct dk_part  efi_parts[];     /* array of partitions */
    Protective Master Boot Record
        When a disk receives an EFI label, a protective MBR (PMBR) is also
-       written containing a single partiton of type EEh and spanning the
+       written containing a single partition of type EEh and spanning the
        entire disk (up to the limit of what can be represented in an MBR). By
        default that partition is placed in slot 0 of the PMBR and not marked
        as active. Some BIOS implementations contain bugs that require the
        entry to be placed into a different slot or to be made active in order
        for the system to boot successfully. The default behaviour is modified

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        fmthard(1M), format(1M), prtvtoc(1M), ioctl(2), open(2), libefi(3LIB),
        read_vtoc(3EXT), attributes(5), dkio(7I)
-                               November 20, 2019      EFI_ALLOC_AND_INIT(3EXT)
+                                 May 16, 2020         EFI_ALLOC_AND_INIT(3EXT)