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-.TH PICLD 1M "Aug 10, 2004"
+.TH PICLD 1M "May 16, 2020"
 picld \- PICL daemon
 The Platform Information and Control Library (\fBPICL\fR) provides a mechanism
 to publish platform-specific information for clients to access in a
 platform-independent way. \fBpicld\fR maintains and controls access to the
 \fBPICL\fR information from clients and plug-in modules. The daemon is started
 in both single-user and multi-user boot mode.

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 and properties in the \fBPICL\fR tree to publish platform configuration
 information. After the plug-in modules are initialized, the daemon opens the
 \fBPICL\fR daemon door to service client requests to access information in the
 \fBPICL\fR tree.
 .SS "PICL Tree"
 The \fBPICL\fR tree is the repository of all the nodes and properties created
 by the plug-in modules to represent the platform configuration. Every node in
 the \fBPICL\fR tree is an instance of a well-defined \fBPICL\fR class. The name
 of the base \fBPICL\fR class is \fBpicl\fR, which defines a basic set of
 properties that all nodes in the tree must possess. Two of those properties are

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 and the \fB_class\fR contains the \fBPICL\fR class name of the node. Certain
 nodes in the \fBPICL\fR tree have well-known names. For example, the name of
 the root node of the \fBPICL\fR tree is \fB/\fR and the name of the root node
 of the sub-tree containing platform device nodes is \fBplatform\fR.
 .SS "PICL plug-in Modules"
 The \fBPICL\fR plug-in modules are shared objects that publish
 platform-specific data in the \fBPICL\fR tree. They are located in well-known
 directories so that the daemon can locate and load them.
 Plug-in modules are located in one of the following plug-in directories
-depending on the plaform-specific nature of the data that they collect and
+depending on the platform-specific nature of the data that they collect and
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 /usr/platform/`uname -i`/lib/picl/plugins

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 Clients use the \fBlibpicl\fR(3PICL) interface to send requests to \fBpicld\fR
 for accessing the \fBPICL\fR tree.
 \fBpicld\fR does not return an exit status.
 .ne 2
 .RS 23n

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 .RS 23n
 \fBPICL\fR daemon
 \fBsvcs\fR(1), \fBsvcadm\fR(1M), \fBdlopen\fR(3C), \fBlibpicl\fR(3PICL),
 \fBlibpicltree\fR(3PICLTREE), \fBpicld_log\fR(3PICLTREE),
 \fBpicld_plugin_register\fR(3PICLTREE), \fBattributes\fR(5), \fBsmf\fR(5)
 The \fBpicld\fR service is managed by the service management facility,
 \fBsmf\fR(5), under the service identifier:
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