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                   the maximum amount of data that any module or the driver in
                   the stream can return).
                   At most one I_STR can be active on a stream.  Further I_STR
                   calls will block until the active I_STR completes via a
-                  positive or negative acknowlegment, a timeout, or an error
+                  positive or negative acknowledgement, a timeout, or an error
                   condition at the stream head.  By setting the ic_timout
                   field to 0, the user is requesting STREAMS to provide the
                   DEFAULT timeout.  The default timeout is specific to the
                   STREAMS implementation and may vary depending on which
                   release of Solaris you are using.  For Solaris 8 (and

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      close(2), fcntl(2), getmsg(2), ioctl(2), open(2), poll(2), putmsg(2),
      read(2), write(2), Intro(3), signal(3C), signal.h(3HEAD)
      STREAMS Programming Guide
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