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12309 errors in section 9e of the manual

@@ -107,11 +107,11 @@
      with the capability requested set to MAC_CAPAB_TRANSCEIVER, then the
      value of the capability structure is the following structure:
            typedef struct mac_capab_transceiver {
                    uint_t  mct_flags;
-                   uint_t  mct_ntransceiveres;
+                   uint_t  mct_ntransceivers;
                    int     (*mct_info)(void *driver, uint_t id,
                                mac_transceiver_info_t *infop),
                    int     (*mct_read)(void *driver, uint_t id, uint_t page,
                                void *buf, size_t nbytes, off_t offset,
                                size_t *nread)

@@ -127,11 +127,11 @@
              list with the set that they actually support.  At this time, no
              such features are defined and the driver should set the member to
-             The value of mct_ntransceivers indicates that the number of
+             The value of mct_ntransceivers indicates the number of
              transceivers present in the device.  For most devices, it is
              expected that this value will be set to one.  However, some
              devices do support multiple transceivers and PHYs that show up
              behind a single logical MAC.

@@ -159,11 +159,11 @@
              The driver should then proceed to fill in basic information by
              calling the functions described in the section Information
              Functions.  After successfully calling all of the functions, the
-             driver should return 0.  Othewrise, it should return the
+             driver should return 0.  Otherwise, it should return the
              appropriate error number.  For a full list of error numbers, see
              Intro(2).  Common values are:
                   EINVAL             The transceiver identifier id was

@@ -276,6 +276,6 @@
      Revision 4.8.
      Management Interface for Cabled Environments, SFF-8636, January 26, 2016,
      Revision 2.7.
-illumos                        November 26, 2017                       illumos
+illumos                        February 15, 2020                       illumos