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12309 errors in section 9e of the manual

@@ -296,11 +296,11 @@
                        list of error numbers, see Intro(2).  Common values
                             EIO                An error occurred talking to
                                                the device while trying to
-                                               discover firmware capabilties.
+                                               discover firmware capabilities.
                             ENOMEM             The driver was unable to
                                                allocate memory.
    Caching and Updates

@@ -336,6 +336,6 @@
      ddi_ufm_image_set_desc(9F), ddi_ufm_image_set_misc(9F),
      ddi_ufm_image_set_nslots(9F), ddi_ufm_init(9F), ddi_ufm_slot(9F),
      ddi_ufm_slot_set_attrs(9F), ddi_ufm_slot_set_misc(9F),
      ddi_ufm_slot_set_version(9F), ddi_ufm_update(9F)
-illumos                         April 30, 2019                         illumos
+illumos                        February 15, 2020                       illumos