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 dhcp \- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (\fBDHCP\fR) enables host systems in a
 \fBTCP/IP\fR network to be configured automatically for the network as they
 boot. \fBDHCP\fR uses a client/server mechanism: servers store configuration
 information for clients, and provide that information upon a client's request.
 The information can include the client's \fBIP\fR address and information about

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 network services available to the client.
 This manual page provides a brief summary of the \fBDHCP\fR
 .SS "DHCP Client"
 The DHCP client is implemented as background daemon,
 For IPv4, this daemon is started automatically during bootup if there exists at
 least one \fBdhcp.\fR\fIinterface\fR file in \fB/etc\fR. Only interfaces with a

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 \fBdhcpinfo\fR(1) command. The daemon's default behavior can be altered by
 changing the tunables in the \fB/etc/default/dhcpagent\fR file. The daemon is
 controlled by the \fBifconfig\fR(1M) utility. Check the status of the daemon
 using the \fBnetstat\fR(1M) and \fBifconfig\fR(1M) commands.
 \fBdhcpinfo\fR(1), \fBdhcpagent\fR(1M),
 \fBin.ndpd\fR(1M), \fBnetstat\fR(1M),
-\fBdhcp_network\fR(4), \fBdhcptab\fR(4), \fBdhcpsvc.conf\fR(4),
-\fBdhcp_inittab\fR(4), \fBndpd.conf\fR(4), \fBdhcp_modules\fR(5)
+\fBdhcp_inittab\fR(4), \fBndpd.conf\fR(4)
 Alexander, S., and R. Droms. \fIRFC 2132, DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor
 Extensions\fR. Silicon Graphics, Inc. Bucknell University. March 1997.
 Droms, R. \fIRFC 1534, Interoperation Between DHCP and BOOTP\fR. Bucknell