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12288 getfacl and setfacl could stand improvement

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        including the default ACL on a directory, or it adds, modifies, or
        deletes one or more ACL entries, including default entries on
+       The setfacl utility can only manipulate POSIX-draft ACLs.  See acl(5)
+       for a description of the difference between the older POSIX-draft ACLs
+       and the newer NFSv4 ACLs.  The chmod(1) utility can be used to
+       manipulate ACLs on all types of file system.
        When the setfacl command is used, it can result in changes to the file
        permission bits. When the user ACL entry for the file owner is changed,
        the file owner class permission bits are modified. When the group ACL
        entry for the file group class is changed, the file group class
        permission bits are modified. When the other ACL entry is changed, the

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                       group file
        chmod(1), getfacl(1), umask(1), aclcheck(3SEC), aclsort(3SEC),
-       group(4), passwd(4), attributes(5)
+       group(4), passwd(4), acl(5), attributes(5)
-                               December 19, 2006                    SETFACL(1)
+                               February 8, 2020                     SETFACL(1)