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12288 getfacl and setfacl could stand improvement

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        Control List (ACL). For each directory argument, getfacl displays the
        owner, the group, and the ACL and/or the default ACL. Only directories
        contain default ACLs.
+       The getfacl utility will fail if executed on a file system that
+       supports NFSv4 ACLs.  See acl(5) for a description of the difference
+       between the older POSIX-draft ACLs and the newer NFSv4 ACLs.  The ls(1)
+       utility, when used with the -v or -V options, will display ACLs on all
+       types of file system.
        The getfacl utility may be executed on a file system that does not
        support ACLs. It reports the ACL based on the base permission bits.
        With no options specified, getfacl displays the filename, the file

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        |Interface Stability | Evolving        |
        chmod(1), ls(1), setfacl(1), acl(2), aclsort(3SEC), group(4),
-       passwd(4), attributes(5)
+       passwd(4), acl(5), attributes(5)
        The output from getfacl is in the correct format for input to the
        setfacl -f command. If the output from getfacl is redirected to a file,
        the file may be used as input to setfacl. In this way, a user may
        easily assign one file's ACL to another file.
-                               November 5, 1994                     GETFACL(1)
+                               February 8, 2020                     GETFACL(1)