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 '\" te
 .\"  Copyright (c) 2009, Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved
+.\" Copyright 2020 Peter Tribble.
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-.TH AUDIORECORD 1 "May 13, 2017"
+.TH AUDIORECORD 1 "Feb 8, 2020"
 audiorecord \- record an audio file
-\fBaudiorecord\fR [\fB-af\fR] [\fB-v\fR \fIvol\fR] [\fB-c\fR \fIchannels\fR] [\fI-s\fR \fIrate\fR]
+\fBaudiorecord\fR [\fB-af\fR] [\fB-v\fR \fIvol\fR] [\fB-c\fR \fIchannels\fR] [\fB-s\fR \fIrate\fR]
      [\fB-e\fR \fIencoding\fR] [\fB-t\fR \fItime\fR] [\fB-i\fR \fIinfo\fR] [\fB-d\fR \fIdev\fR]
-     [\fB-T\fR \fBau\fR | \fBaif\fR[\fBf\fR] | \fBwav\fR] [\fIfile\fR[.\fBau\fR|.\fBaif\fR[\fBf\fR]]|.\fBwav\fR]
+     [\fB-T\fR \fBau\fR|\fBaif\fR[\fBf\fR]|\fBwav\fR] [\fIfile\fR[.\fBau\fR|.\fBaif\fR[\fBf\fR]|.\fBwav\fR]]
 The \fBaudiorecord\fR utility copies audio data from the audio device to a
 named audio file, or to the standard output if no filename is present. If no
 output file is specified and standard output is a tty, the program exits with
 an error message.
-By default, monaural audio data is recorded at 8 kHz and encoded in \fB-law\fR
+By default, monaural audio data is recorded at 8 kHz and encoded in \fBu-law\fR
 format. If the audio device supports additional configurations, the \fB-c\fR,
 \fB-s\fR, and \fB-e\fR options may be used to specify the data format. The
 output file is prefixed by an audio file header that identifies the format of
 the data encoded in the file.

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 If the audio device is unavailable, that is, if another process currently has
 read access, \fBaudiorecord\fR prints an error message and exits immediately.
 The following options are supported:
 .ne 2
 .RS 24n
 \fIHelp\fR: Prints a command line usage message.

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 .ne 2
 .sp .6
 .RS 4n
 \fIFile Specification\fR: The named audio file is rewritten, or appended. If no
 filename is present, and standard output is not a tty, or if the special

@@ -179,13 +177,12 @@
 \fB-T\fR option \fBis\fR specified, that file type is used regardless of the
 file suffix.
 See \fBlargefile\fR(5) for the description of the behavior of \fBaudiorecord\fR
-when encountering files greater than or equal to 2 Gbyte ( 2^31 bytes).
+when encountering files greater than or equal to 2 Gbyte (2^31 bytes).
 .ne 2

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 The full path name of the audio device to record from, if no \fB-d\fR argument
 is supplied. If the \fBAUDIODEV\fR variable is not set, \fB/dev/audio\fR is
-See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:
-c | c
-l | l .
-Architecture    SPARC, x86
-Interface Stability     Committed
 \fBaudioconvert\fR(1), \fBaudioplay\fR(1),
-\fBattributes\fR(5), \fBlargefile\fR(5), \fBaudio\fR(7I)
+\fBlargefile\fR(5), \fBaudio\fR(7I)