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        given filename prefix. By default all files in the list of directories
        are targets for lookup and completion, but a versatile mechanism is
        provided for only selecting specific types of files. The obvious
        application of this facility is to provide Tab-completion and lookup of
        executable commands in the UNIX PATH, so an optional callback which
-       rejects all but executable files, is provided.
+       rejects all but executable files is provided.
    An Example
        Under UNIX, the following example program looks up and displays the
        full pathnames of each of the command names on the command line.

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        function will be called with the full pathname of the file, plus any
        application-specific data that you provide. If the callback returns 1
        the filename will be reported as a match. If it returns 0, it will be
        ignored. Suitable callback functions and their prototypes should be
        declared with the following macro. The CplCheckFn typedef is also
-       provided in case you wish to declare pointers to such functions
+       provided in case you wish to declare pointers to such functions.
          #define CPL_CHECK_FN(fn) int (fn)(void *data, const char *pathname)
          typedef CPL_CHECK_FN(CplCheckFn);

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        file is looked up, instead of calling the callback again, the cached
        record of whether it was accepted or rejected is used. Thus if somebody
        tries to complete an empty string, and hits tab a second time when
        nothing appears to happen, there will only be one long delay, since the
        second pass will operate entirely from the cached dispositions of the
-       files. These cached dipositions are discarded whenever pca_scan_path()
+       files. These cached dispositions are discarded whenever pca_scan_path()
        is called, and whenever pca_set_check_fn() is called with changed
        callback function or data arguments.
    Error Handling
        If pca_scan_path() reports that an error occurred by returning 1, you

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        cpl_complete_word(3TECLA), ef_expand_file(3TECLA), gl_get_line(3TECLA),
        libtecla(3LIB), attributes(5)
-                                August 13, 2007        PCA_LOOKUP_FILE(3TECLA)
+                               January 18, 2020        PCA_LOOKUP_FILE(3TECLA)