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-.TH POLL 7D "April 9, 2016"
+.TH POLL 7D "January 10, 2020"
 poll \- driver for fast poll on many file descriptors
 \fB#include <sys/devpoll.h>
 int fd = open("/dev/poll", O_RDWR);
 ssize_t n = write(int fd, struct pollfd buf[], int bufsize);
 int n = ioctl(int fd, DP_POLL, struct dvpoll* arg);

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 .RS 12n
 Pointer to \fBpollfd\fR structure.
 The  \fB/dev/poll\fR driver is a special driver that enables you to monitor
 multiple sets  of polled file descriptors. By using the  \fB/dev/poll\fR
 driver, you can efficiently poll large numbers of file descriptors. Access to
 the \fB/dev/poll\fR driver is provided through \fBopen\fR(2), \fBwrite\fR(2),
 and  \fBioctl(2)\fR system calls.

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 returned. The memory content pointed by \fBdp_fds\fR is not modified. A return
 value \fB0\fR means the ioctl is timed out. In this case, the memory content
 pointed by  \fBdp_fds\fR is not modified. If the call is successful, it returns
 the number of valid \fBpollfd\fR entries in  the array pointed by \fBdp_fds\fR;
 the contents of the rest of the buffer is undefined. For each valid
-\fBpollfd\fR entry, the \fBfd\fR field indicates the file desciptor on which
+\fBpollfd\fR entry, the \fBfd\fR field indicates the file descriptor on which
 the polled \fBevents\fR happened. The  \fBevents\fR field is the user specified
 \fBpoll\fR \fBevents\fR. The \fBrevents\fR field contains the  \fBevents\fR
 occurred. \fB-1\fR is returned if the  call fails.

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 The \fBevents\fR field contains  \fB0\fR. The \fBrevents\fR field contains the
 currently polled \fBevents\fR. The ioctl returns  \fB0\fR if the file
 descriptor is not in the set. The  \fBpollfd\fR structure pointed by  \fIpfd\fR
 is not modified. The ioctl returns a  \fB-1\fR if the call fails.
 The following example shows how  \fB/dev/poll\fR may be used.
 .in +2

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 a character special or block special file and the device associated with this
 special file does not exist.
 See \fBattributes\fR(5) for a description of the following attributes:

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 Interface Stability     Obsolete
 MT-Level        Safe
 \fBopen\fR(2), \fBpoll\fR(2), \fBwrite\fR(2), \fBattributes\fR(5)
 The \fB/dev/poll\fR API is particularly beneficial to applications that poll a
 large number of file descriptors repeatedly.  Applications will exhibit the
 best performance gain if the polled file descriptor list rarely change.