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11641 spelling mistakes in section 7d of the manual

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      In addition, for devices with multiple external media ports, the driver
      supports a driver-specific dladm(1M) property called media, which can
      take one of the following values, depending on the available media
      options on the device:
-           mii     Media Indendent Interface (MII), also 100BASE-TX
+           mii     Media Independent Interface (MII), also 100BASE-TX
            tp-hdx  10 Mbps twisted pair, half-duplex
            tp-fdx  10 Mbps twisted pair full-duplex
            fx-hdx  100BASE-FX (fiber), half-duplex
            fx-hdx  100BASE-FX (fiber), full-duplex
            bnc     10BASE-2 (BNC, aka "thin-net")

@@ -45,6 +45,6 @@
      dladm(1M), ifconfig(1M), pci(4), ieee802.3(5), dlpi(7P)
      IEEE 802.3: Ethernet, IEEE Standards Association.
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