ELXL(7D) Devices ELXL(7D)

3Com Etherlink XL device driver


The elxl driver provides support for the 3Com Etherlink XL family of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet PCI controllers. These are often known by their part numbers, most often 3c905 or 3c900 variants.

The 3c905 devices generally support some form of 100 Mbps Ethernet, whereas the 3c900 devices usually only support 10 Mbps. Some devices support legacy media such as 10BASE-15, 10BASE-2, and even 10BASE-FL. Where applicable, the devices support auto-negotiation, both full and half duplex, etc. They also support full size MTUs (1500 bytes), even when used with VLANs.

The device driver supports the ieee802.3(5) properties, which can be configured with dladm(1M).

In addition, for devices with multiple external media ports, the driver supports a driver-specific dladm(1M) property called media, which can take one of the following values, depending on the available media options on the device:

Media Independent Interface (MII), also 100BASE-TX
10 Mbps twisted pair, half-duplex
10 Mbps twisted pair full-duplex
100BASE-FX (fiber), half-duplex
100BASE-FX (fiber), full-duplex
10BASE-2 (BNC, aka “thin-net”)
10BASE-15 (aka “thick-net”)
10BASE-FL (fiber), half-duplex
10BASE-FL (fiber), full-duplex

The specific media options available can be queried with the device-specific available_media dladm(1M) property.

Special character device.

dladm(1M), ifconfig(1M), pci(4), ieee802.3(5), dlpi(7P)

IEEE 802.3: Ethernet, IEEE Standards Association.

January 10, 2020 illumos