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11639 some man pages show incorrect driver locations

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      Devices without a driver may be able to leverage libusb.
      Listed below are drivers and modules which either utilize or are utilized
-     by USBA.  Drivers in /kernel/drv are 32 bit drivers (x86 only).  Drivers
-     in /kernel/drv/sparcv9 or kernel/drv/amd64 are 64 bit drivers.
+     by USBA.
            Client Driver                                 Function/Device
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]hid                HID class
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]hubd               hub class
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]scsa2usb           mass storage class
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbprn             printer class
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_as             audio streaming class
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_ac             audio control class
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbvc              video class
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_mid            multi-interface device
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_ia             interface-association driver
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbser_edge        Edgeport USB to serial port
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbsksp            Keyspan USB to serial port
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbsprl            pl2303 USB to serial port
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbsacm            CDC ACM class to serial port
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ugen               generic USB driver
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ohci               open host controller driver
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]uhci               universal host controller
-                                                         driver
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ehci               enhanced host controller driver
-           kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]xhci               extensible host controller
-                                                         driver
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/hid                HID class
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/hubd               hub class
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/scsa2usb           mass storage class
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbprn             printer class
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usb_as             audio streaming class
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usb_ac             audio control class
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbvc              video class
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usb_mid            multi-interface device
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usb_ia             interface-association driver
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbser_edge        Edgeport USB to serial port
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbsksp            Keyspan USB to serial port
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbsprl            pl2303 USB to serial port
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbsacm            CDC ACM class to serial port
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/ugen               generic USB driver
            Client Streams Modules                       Function/Device
-           /kernel/strmod/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbkbm        Keyboad
-           /kernel/strmod/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbms         Mouse
-           /kernel/strmod/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_ah        Audio HID
+           /kernel/strmod/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbkbm        Keyboard
+           /kernel/strmod/[sparcv9|amd64]/usbms         Mouse
+           /kernel/strmod/[sparcv9|amd64]/usb_ah        Audio HID
            Host Controller Interface Drivers        Device
-           /kernel/drv/[amd64/]xhci                 Extensible HCI
-           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ehci         Enhanced HCI
-           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ohci         Open HCI
-           /kernel/drv/[sparcv|amd64/]uhci          Universal HCI
+           /kernel/drv/amd64/xhci                   Extensible HCI
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/ehci         Enhanced HCI
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/ohci         Open HCI
+           /kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64]/uhci         Universal HCI
      The messages described below may appear on the system console as well as
      being logged.  All  messages are formatted in the following manner:

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      Booting from USB mass-storage devices is not supported on SPARC, but is
      supported on X86.
-illumos                          May 13, 2017                          illumos
+illumos                        January 10, 2020                        illumos