HCI1394(7D) Devices HCI1394(7D)

hci1394 - 1394 OpenHCI host controller driver


The hci1394 host controller driver is an IEEE 1394 compliant nexus driver that supports the 1394 Open Host Controller Interface Specification 1.0, an industry standard developed by Sun, Apple, Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments. The hci1394 driver supports asynchronous transfers, isochronous transfers, and bus reset management. The hci1394 driver also supports the nexus device control interface.


Device driver (SPARC)


Device driver (x86)

See attributes(5) for a description of the following attributes:

Architecture SPARC, x86, PCI-based systems
Interface Stability Unstable

attributes(5), ieee1394(7D)

IEEE 1394 - IEEE Standard for a High Performance Serial Bus

1394 Open Host Controller Interface Specification 1.0

January 10, 2020