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      thrd_join(thrd_t thrd, int *res);
-     The thrd_join() function suspends the exection of the current thread and
+     The thrd_join() function suspends the execution of the current thread and
      waits for the thread indicated by thrd to terminate and stores the exit
      status, as set by a call to thrd_exit(3C), for that thread in res, if res
      is non-null.  The thrd argument must be a member of the current process
      and it cannot be detached.  If thrd has already terminated and another
      caller has not called thrd_join() then the exit status will be returned

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      instead return with an error.
      For additional information on the thread joining interfaces supported by
      the system, see pthread_join(3C) and thr_join(3C).
      Upon successful completion, the thrd_join() function returns thrd_success
      and if res is a non-null pointer, it will be filled in with the exit
      status of thrd.  If an error occurs, thrd_error will be returned.

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      pthread_join(3C), thrd_create(3C), thrd_detach(3C), attributes(5),
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