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*** 23,55 **** .\" .TH IPMI 7D "Oct 31, 2013" .SH NAME ipmi \- OpenIPMI compatible IPMI interface driver .SH SYNOPSIS - .LP .nf \fB/dev/ipmi0\fR .fi .SH DESCRIPTION - .sp - .LP The \fBipmi\fR device is a character special file that provides access to the Intelligent Platform Management Interface for the system. For more information on \fBIPMI\fR and to obtain a copy of the \fBIPMI\fR specification and implementation guidelines, refer to The driver is adapted from the FreeBSD driver which is in turn adapted from the Linux driver, however, not all features described in the standard are supported. The current implementation depends on the \fBsmbios\fR(7d) to discover the existence of an IPMI device. - .sp - .LP .SH IOCTLS - .sp - .LP Sending and receiving messages through the IPMI drivers requires the use of \fBioctl\fR(2). The ioctl command codes below are defined in \fBsys/ipmi.h\fR. The third argument to ioctl should be a pointer to the type indicated. --- 23,48 ----
*** 165,181 **** .br Unregister to receive a specific command .RE .SH SEE ALSO - .sp - .LP \fBipmitool\fR(1), \fBioctl\fR(2), \fBsmbios\fR(7d) .sp .LP \fIIntelligent Platform Management Interface Specification Second Generation\fR, v2.0 \(em June 12, 2009 Markup .SH NOTES - .sp - .LP Not all systems include an \fBIPMI\fR. --- 158,170 ----