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@@ -10,19 +10,15 @@
 .TH EPOLL 5 "Apr 17, 2014"
 epoll \- Linux-compatible I/O event notification facility
 #include <sys/epoll.h>
 \fBepoll\fR is a facility for efficient event-oriented I/O that has a
 similar model to \fBpoll\fR(2), but does not necessitate rescanning a
 set of file descriptors to wait for an event.  \fBepoll\fR is of Linux
 origins, and this facility is designed to be binary-compatible with
 the Linux facility, including the following interfaces:

@@ -68,12 +64,10 @@
 to waiting for events.
 The \fBepoll\fR facility is implemented
 for purposes of offering compatibility to and portability of Linux-borne
 applications; native applications should continue to prefer using event ports
 via the \fBport_create\fR(3C),
 \fBport_associate\fR(3C) and \fBport_getn\fR(3C) interfaces.

@@ -100,11 +94,10 @@
 these semantics; closing the \fBEPOLL_CTL_ADD\fR'd file descriptor
 will always result in no further
 events being generated for that event description.
 \fBepoll_create\fR(3C), \fBepoll_create1\fR(3C), \fBepoll_ctl\fR(3C),
 \fBepoll_wait\fR(3C), \fBepoll_pwait\fR(3C),
 \fBport_create\fR(3C), \fBport_associate\fR(3C), \fBport_dissociate\fR(3C),