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@@ -9,11 +9,10 @@
 netdir, netdir_getbyname, netdir_getbyaddr, netdir_free, netdir_options,
 taddr2uaddr, uaddr2taddr, netdir_perror, netdir_sperror, netdir_mergeaddr \-
 generic transport name-to-address translation
 \fBcc\fR [ \fIflag\fR... ] \fIfile\fR... \fB-lnsl\fR [ \fIlibrary\fR...]
 #include <netdir.h>
 \fBint\fR \fBnetdir_getbyname\fR(\fBstruct netconfig  *\fR\fIconfig\fR,

@@ -56,11 +55,10 @@
 \fBchar *\fR\fBnetdir_sperror\fR(\fBvoid\fR);
 The \fBnetdir\fR functions provide a generic interface for name-to-address
 mapping that will work with all transport protocols. This interface provides a
 generic way for programs to convert transport specific addresses into common
 structures and back again. The \fBnetconfig\fR structure, described on the
 \fBnetconfig\fR(4) manual page, identifies the transport.

@@ -183,11 +181,10 @@
 The \fBnetdir_options()\fR function is used to do all transport-specific setups
 and option management. \fIfildes\fR is the associated file descriptor.
 \fIoption\fR, \fIfildes\fR, and \fIpointer_to_args\fR are passed to the
 \fBnetdir_options()\fR function for the transport specified in \fIconfig\fR.
 Currently four values are defined for \fIoption\fR:
 .in +2
 .in -2

@@ -301,21 +298,19 @@
 The \fBnetdir_sperror()\fR function returns a string with an error message that
 states the cause of a name-to-address mapping failure.
 The \fBnetdir_sperror()\fR function returns a pointer to a buffer which
 contains the error message string. The buffer is overwritten on each call. In
 multithreaded applications, this buffer is implemented as thread-specific
 The \fBnetdir_getbyname()\fR, \fBnetdir_getbyaddr()\fR, and \fBnetdir_options()\fR
 functions return \fB0\fR on success and a non-zero value on failure.
 See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

@@ -326,8 +321,7 @@
 MT-Level        Safe
 \fBgethostname\fR(3C), \fBgetnetconfig\fR(3NSL), \fBgetnetpath\fR(3NSL),
 \fBnetconfig\fR(4), \fBattributes\fR(5)