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11622 clean up rarer mandoc lint warnings

*** 8,25 **** .\" Copyright 2011 by Delphix. All rights reserved. .TH LIBC 3LIB "Dec 10, 2015" .SH NAME libc \- C library .SH DESCRIPTION - .LP Functions in this library provide various facilities defined by System V, ANSI C, POSIX, and so on. See \fBstandards\fR(5). In addition, those facilities previously defined in the internationalization and the wide-character libraries are now defined in this library, as are the facilities previously defined in the multithreading libraries, \fBlibthread\fR and \fBlibpthread\fR. .SH INTERFACES - .LP The shared object \\fR provides the public interfaces defined below. See \fBIntro\fR(3) for additional information on shared object interfaces. .sp .sp --- 8,23 ----
*** 300,310 **** \fBgetpass\fR \fBgetpassphrase\fR \fBgetpeerucred\fR \fBgetpflags\fR \fBgetpgid\fR \fBgetpgrp\fR \fBgetpid\fR \fBgetpmsg\fR \fBgetppid\fR \fBgetppriv\fR ! \fBgetpriority\fR \fbgetprogname\fR \fBgetprojid\fR \fBgetpw\fR \fBgetpwent\fR \fBgetpwent_r\fR \fBgetpwnam\fR \fBgetpwnam_r\fR \fBgetpwuid\fR \fBgetpwuid_r\fR \fBgetrctl\fR --- 298,308 ---- \fBgetpass\fR \fBgetpassphrase\fR \fBgetpeerucred\fR \fBgetpflags\fR \fBgetpgid\fR \fBgetpgrp\fR \fBgetpid\fR \fBgetpmsg\fR \fBgetppid\fR \fBgetppriv\fR ! \fBgetpriority\fR \fBgetprogname\fR \fBgetprojid\fR \fBgetpw\fR \fBgetpwent\fR \fBgetpwent_r\fR \fBgetpwnam\fR \fBgetpwnam_r\fR \fBgetpwuid\fR \fBgetpwuid_r\fR \fBgetrctl\fR
*** 993,1003 **** A 64-bit compatibility library to provide access to obsolete \fBlibc\fR synonym symbols .RE .SH ATTRIBUTES - .LP See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: .sp .sp .TS --- 991,1000 ----
*** 1007,1021 **** ATTRIBUTE TYPE ATTRIBUTE VALUE MT-Level Safe .TE .SH SEE ALSO - .LP \fBpvs\fR(1), \fBIntro\fR(2), \fBIntro\fR(3), \fBattributes\fR(5), \fBlf64\fR(5), \fBstandards\fR(5) .SH NOTES - .LP The synonyms compatibility library, \\fR, provides a mechanism to support old applications and libraries that were mistakenly built using now-obsolete synonym symbols from \fBlibc\fR. .LP Before the advent of direct binding (-B direct) \fBlibc\fR provided many --- 1004,1016 ----