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*** 5,15 **** .\" When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE. If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner] .TH MONITOR 1M "Jul 24, 2003" .SH NAME monitor \- SPARC system PROM monitor .SH SYNOPSIS - .LP .nf \fBSTOP\(miA\fR .fi .LP --- 5,14 ----
*** 26,44 **** .nf \fBexit from a client program, e.g., the Operating System\fR .fi .SH DESCRIPTION - .sp - .LP The \fBCPU\fR board of a workstation contains one or more \fBEPROMs\fR or \fBEEPROMs.\fR The program which executes from the \fBPROMs\fR is referred to as "the monitor". Among other things, the monitor performs system initialization at power-on and provides a user interface. .SS "Monitor Prompt" - .sp - .LP The monitor of earlier workstations was known as the \fBSunMON\fR monitor and displayed the \fB>\fR for its prompt. See the \fBSunMON MONITOR USAGE\fR section for further details. .sp .LP --- 25,39 ----
*** 65,88 **** (new command mode)\fR .sp .LP and the \fB>\fR prompt appears. .SH OPENBOOT PROM USAGE - .sp - .LP Some of the more useful commands that can be issued from OpenBoot's \fBok \fR prompt are described here. Refer to the book for a complete list of commands. .SS "Help" - .sp - .LP Help for various functional areas of the OpenBoot monitor can be obtained by typing \fBhelp\fR. The help listing provides a number of other key words which can then be used in the help command to provide further details. .SS "NVRAM Parameters" - .sp - .LP Each workstation contains one or more \fBNVRAM\fR devices which contains unique system ID information, as well as a set of user-configurable parameters. The \fBNVRAM\fR parameters allow the user a certain level of flexibility in configuring the system to act in a given manner under a specific set of circumstances. --- 60,77 ----
*** 133,144 **** \fB\&'set-defaults'\fR only affects parameters that have assigned default values.) .RE .SS "Security Parameters" - .sp - .LP Newer OpenBoot monitors contain user interfaces that support the storage and listing of keys for later use by client programs. .sp .ne 2 .na --- 122,131 ----
*** 162,173 **** \fIkeydata\fR is not present, \fIkeyname\fR and its corresponding data is deleted. .RE .SS "Hardware Checks and Diagnostics" - .sp - .LP The following commands are available for testing or checking the system's hardware. If the \fB\&'diag-switch?'\fR \fBNVRAM\fR parameter is set to true when the system is powered on, then a Power-On Self Test (POST) diagnostic is run, if present, sending its results messages to the system's serial port A. Not all of the commands shown are available on all workstations. --- 149,158 ----
*** 237,248 **** .RS 17n Test the system's clock function. .RE .SS "System Information" - .sp - .LP The following commands are available for displaying information about the system. Not all commands are available on all workstations. .sp .ne 2 .na --- 222,231 ----
*** 369,380 **** .RS 18n Display the version and date of the OpenBoot PROM. .RE .SS "Emergency Commands" - .sp - .LP These commands must be typed from the keyboard, they do not work from a console which is attached by way of the serial ports. With the exception of the \fBStop-A\fR command, these commands are issued by pressing and holding down the indicated keys on the keyboard immediately after the system has been powered on. The keys must be held down until the monitor has checked their --- 352,361 ----
*** 434,445 **** Causes the \fBNVRAM\fR parameters to be reset to their default values. Note that not all parameters have default values. .RE .SS "Line Editor Commands" - .sp - .LP The following commands can be used while the monitor is displaying the \fBok\fR prompt. Not all of these editing commands are available on all workstations. .sp .ne 2 .na --- 415,424 ----
*** 603,622 **** Insert the contents of the memory buffer into the line, in front (to the left) of the cursor. .RE .SS "nvramrc" - .sp - .LP The \fBnvramrc\fR is an area of the system's \fBNVRAM\fR where users may store Forth programs. The programs which are stored in the \fBnvramrc\fR are executed each time the system is reset, provided that the \fB\&'use-nvramrc?'\fR \fBNVRAM\fR parameter has been set to \fB\&'true'\fR. Refer to the book for information on how to edit and use the \fBnvramrc\fR. .SS "Restricted Monitor" - .sp - .LP The command \fB\&'old-mode'\fR is used to move OpenBoot into a restricted monitor mode, causing the \fB> \fR prompt to be displayed. Only three commands are allowed while in the restricted monitor; the \fB\&'go'\fR command (to resume a program which was interrupted with the \fBStop-A\fR command), the \fB\&'n'\fR command (to return to the normal OpenBoot monitor), and boot --- 582,597 ----
*** 625,636 **** been turned on then the restricted monitor becomes the default monitor environment. The restricted monitor may also become the default environment if the \fB\&'sunmon-compat?' \fR \fBNVRAM\fR parameter is set to true. Not all workstations have the \fB\&'sunmon-compat?'\fR parameter. .SH SUNMON PROM USAGE - .sp - .LP The following commands are available systems with older \fBSunMON\fR-based PROM: .sp .ne 2 .na --- 600,609 ----
*** 1782,1793 **** .RE .RE .SH ATTRIBUTES - .sp - .LP See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: .sp .sp .TS --- 1755,1764 ----
*** 1798,1808 **** _ Architecture SPARC .TE .SH SEE ALSO - .sp - .LP \fBtip\fR(1), \fBboot\fR(1M), \fBeeprom\fR(1M), \fBattributes\fR(5) - .sp - .LP - --- 1769,1774 ----