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11586 NAME field in man pages should match what's installed

@@ -9,17 +9,17 @@
 .\" Copyright 2016 Joyent, Inc.
-.Dd "Jan 11, 2015"
+.Dd "Aug 20, 2019"
 .Dt TSS 3C
 .Nm tss ,
 .Nm tss_create ,
-.Nm tss_destroy ,
+.Nm tss_delete ,
 .Nm tss_get ,
 .Nm tss_set
 .Nd thread-specific storage
 .In threads.h

@@ -45,11 +45,11 @@
 .Sy tss
 family of functions create, get, set, and destroy thread-specific
-.Ss Creating and Destorying Thread-Specific Storage
+.Ss Creating and Destroying Thread-Specific Storage
 .Fn tss_create
 function creates a new thread-specific data key.
 The key space is opaque and global to all threads in the process.
 Each thread has its own value-space which can be manipulated with the

@@ -56,11 +56,11 @@
 .Fn tss_get
 .Fn tss_set
 A given key persists until
-.Fn tss_destroy
+.Fn tss_delete
 is called.
 When a key is created, the value
 is associated with all current threads.

@@ -86,14 +86,14 @@
 from the global name-space.
 When a key is deleted, no registered destructor is called, it is up to the
 calling program to free any storage that was associated with
 .Fa key
 across all threads.
-Because of this propety, it is legal to call
+Because of this property, it is legal to call
 .Fn tss_delete
 from inside a destructor.
-Any destructors that had been assocaited with
+Any destructors that had been associated with
 .Fa key
 will no longer be called when a thread terminates.
 .Ss Obtaining Values
 .Fn tss_get

@@ -108,11 +108,11 @@
 .Ss Setting Values
 .Fn tss_set
 function sets the value of the key
 .Fa key
-for the callling thread to
+for the calling thread to
 .Fa value ,
 which may be obtained by subsequent calls to
 .Fa tss_get .
 To remove a value for a specific thread, one may pass