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   2 .\" Copyright (c) 2006, Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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   6 .TH LIBPOOL 3LIB "Aug 19, 2019"
   7 .SH NAME
   8 libpool \- pool configuration manipulation library

  10 .nf
  11 \fBcc\fR [ \fIflag\fR... ] \fIfile\fR... \fB-lpool\fR [ \fIlibrary\fR... ]
  12 #include <\fBpool.h\fR>
  13 .fi

  16 The functions in this library define the interface for reading and writing
  17 resource pools configuration files, as well as that for committing an existing
  18 configuration to becoming the running OS configuration (with respect to
  19 partitioning subsystems). The <\fBpool.h\fR> header provides type and function
  20 declarations for all library services.
  21 .sp
  22 .LP
  23 The resource pools facility brings together process-bindable resources into a
  24 common abstraction called a pool. Processor sets and other entities can be
  25 configured, grouped, and labelled in a persistent fashion such that workload
  26 components can be associated with a subset of a system's total resources. The
  27 \fBlibpool\fR library provides a C language API for accessing this
  28 functionality, while \fBpooladm\fR(1M), \fBpoolbind\fR(1M), and
  29 \fBpoolcfg\fR(1M) make this facility available through command invocations from
  30 a shell. Each of those manual pages describes aspects of the pools facility;
  31 this page describes the properties available to the various entities managed
  32 within the pools facility. These entities include the system, pools, and the
  33 \fBpset\fR resources for processor sets.
  34 .sp
  35 .LP
  36 When the pools facility is enabled on a system, the behavior of the following
  37 functions is modified.
  38 .sp
  40 .sp
  41 .TS
  42 c c
  43 l l .
  44 System Call     Error Value
  45 _
  46 \fBpset_assign\fR(pset !=\fBPS_QUERY\fR)        \fBENOTSUP\fR
  47 \fBpset_bind\fR(pset !=\fBPS_QUERY\fR)  \fBENOTSUP\fR
  48 \fBpset_create()\fR     \fBENOTSUP\fR
  49 \fBpset_destroy()\fR    \fBENOTSUP\fR
  50 \fBpset_setattr()\fR    \fBENOTSUP\fR
  51 .TE
  53 .sp
  54 .LP
  55 Each active entity within the resource pools framework can have an arbitrary
  56 collection of named, typed properties associated with it. Properties supported
  57 by the pools framework are listed, with descriptions, under each entity below.
  58 In general, resource properties can be one of five types: boolean (\fBbool\fR),
  59 signed (\fBint64\fR) and unsigned (\fBuint64\fR) integers, floating point
  60 (\fBdouble\fR), and \fBstring\fR values.
  61 .sp
  62 .LP
  63 All entities and resources support a string property for commenting purposes;
  64 this property is available for use by management applications to record
  65 descriptions and other administrator oriented data. The comment field is not
  66 used by the default pools commands, except when a configuration is initiated by
  67 the \fBpoolcfg\fR utility, in which case an informative message is placed in
  68 the \fBsystem.comment\fR property for that configuration.
  69 .SS "System"
  70 .TS
  71 c c c
  72 l l l .
  73 Property name   Type    Description
  74 \fBsystem.allocate-method\fR    \fBstring\fR    T{
  75 Allocation method to use when this configuration is instantiated
  76 T}
  77 \fBsystem.bind-default\fR       \fBbool\fR      T{
  78 If specified pool not found, bind to pool with 'pool.default' property set to true
  79 T}
  80 \fBsystem.comment\fR    \fBstring\fR    User description of system
  81 \fBsystem.name\fR       \fBstring\fR    User name for the configuration
  82 \fBsystem.version\fR    \fBint64\fR     T{
  83 \fBlibpool\fR version required to manipulate this configuration
  84 T}
  85 \fBsystem.poold.log-level\fR    \fBstring\fR    \fBpoold\fR logging level
  86 \fBsystem.poold.log-location\fR \fBstring\fR    \fBpoold\fR logging location
  87 \fBsystem.poold.history-file\fR \fBstring\fR    \fBpoold\fR decision history location
  88 \fBsystem.poold.monitor-interval\fR     \fBuint64\fR    \fBpoold\fR monitoring sample interval
  89 \fBsystem.poold.objectives\fR   \fBstring\fR    \fBpoold\fR objectives for a system.
  90 .TE
  92 .sp
  93 .LP
  94 The \fBsystem.allocate-method\fR, \fBsystem.bind-default\fR,
  95 \fBsystem.comment\fR, \fBsystem.name\fR, \fBsystem.poold.log-level\fR,
  96 \fBsystem.poold.log-location\fR, \fBsystem.poold.history-file\fR,
  97 \fBsystem.poold.monitor-interval\fR, and \fBsystem.poold.objectives\fR
  98 properties are writable; the \fBsystem.version\fR property is not.
  99 .sp
 100 .LP
 101 The \fBsystem.allocate-method\fR property accepts only two values, "importance
 102 based" and "surplus to default". The default value for this property is
 103 "importance based". The property is optional and if it is not present the
 104 library will allocate resources as though it were present and had the default
 105 value. These strings are defined in <\fBpool.h\fR> as \fBPOA_IMPORTANCE\fR and
 107 .sp
 108 .LP
 109 If "importance based" allocation is defined, then during a commit the library
 110 will allocate resources to pools using an algorithm that observes minimum and
 111 maximum constraints for resources but favors those resources with greater
 112 importance.
 113 .sp
 114 .LP
 115 If "surplus to default" is defined, then during a commit the library will
 116 allocate minimum resources to all resource sets apart from default which will
 117 receive any surplus.
 118 .sp
 119 .LP
 120 The \fBsystem.bind-default\fR property defaults to true. This property
 121 interacts with the \fBproject.pool\fR resource control to specify the binding
 122 behavior for processes associated with a project. If \fBproject.pool\fR is not
 123 specified, then this property has no effect. If \fBproject.pool\fR is specified
 124 and the specified pool exists, this property has no effect. If the specified
 125 pool does not exist, perhaps because of a reconfiguration, then this property
 126 controls the binding behavior for the project member. If
 127 \fBsystem.bind-default\fR is true, then the project member is bound to the
 128 default pool (identified as the pool for which \fBpool.default\fR is true);
 129 otherwise the project member is refused access to the system. Care should be
 130 taken with the pools configuration if this property is set to false, so as to
 131 avoid denying users access to the system.
 132 .sp
 133 .LP
 134 The various \fBpoold\fR properties are used to configure the operation of
 135 \fBpoold\fR(1M).
 136 .sp
 137 .LP
 138 The \fBsystem.poold.log-level\fR property is used to specify the level of
 139 detail provided in log messages. Valid values are: \fBALERT\fR, \fBCRIT\fR,
 140 \fBERR\fR, \fBWARNING\fR, \fBNOTICE\fR, \fBINFO\fR, and \fBDEBUG\fR.
 141 .sp
 142 .LP
 143 \fBALERT\fR provides the least level of detail, \fBDEBUG\fR the greatest. See
 144 \fBsyslog\fR(3C) for more information about the meaning of these debug levels.
 145 If this property is not specified, the default value \fBNOTICE\fR is used.
 146 .sp
 147 .LP
 148 The \fBsystem.poold.log-location\fR property is used to specify the location of
 149 the logfiles generated by \fBpoold\fR. The special value of "syslog" indicates
 150 that logged messages should be written to \fBsyslog()\fR. If this property is
 151 not specified, the default location \fB/var/log/pool\fR is used.
 152 .sp
 153 .LP
 154 The \fBsystem.poold.history-file\fR specifies the location of the decision
 155 history file which is used by \fBpoold\fR to improve the quality of its
 156 decision making over time. If this property is not specified, the default
 157 location \fB/var/adm/pool\fR is used.
 158 .sp
 159 .LP
 160 The \fBsystem.poold.monitor-interval\fR property specifies the monitoring
 161 interval (in milliseconds) to be used by \fBpoold\fR when sampling utilization
 162 statistics. If this property is not specified, the default value of 15 seconds
 163 is used.
 164 .sp
 165 .LP
 166 The \fBsystem.poold.objectives\fR property specifies any system wide
 167 objectives. An objectives property has the following syntax:
 168 .sp
 169 .in +2
 170 .nf
 171 objectives = objective [; objective]*
 172 objective = [n:] keyword [op] [value]
 173 .fi
 174 .in -2
 176 .sp
 177 .LP
 178 All objectives are prefixed with an optional importance. The importance acts as
 179 a multiplier for the objective and thus increases the significance of its
 180 contribution to the objective function evaluation. If no importance is
 181 specified, the default value is 1.
 182 .sp
 183 .LP
 184 The "wt-load" objective is the only objective to which a system element can be
 185 set. This objective favors configurations that match resource allocations to
 186 resource utilization. A resource set that uses more resources will be given
 187 more resources when this objective is active. An administrator should use this
 188 objective when he is relatively satisfied with the constraints established
 189 using the minimum and maximum properties and would like the DRP to manipulate
 190 resources freely within those constraints.
 191 .SS "Pools"
 192 .TS
 193 c c c
 194 l l l .
 195 Property name   Type    Description
 196 \fBpool.active\fR       \fBbool\fR      Mark this pool as active, if true.
 197 \fBpool.comment\fR      \fBstring\fR    User description of pool.
 198 \fBpool.default\fR      \fBbool\fR      T{
 199 Mark this pool as the default pool, if true; see system.bind-default property.
 200 T}
 201 \fBpool.importance\fR   \fBint64\fR     T{
 202 Relative importance of this pool; for possible resource dispute resolution.
 203 T}
 204 \fBpool.name\fR \fBstring\fR    T{
 205 User name for pool; used by \fBsetproject\fR(3PROJECT) as value for 'project.pool' project attribute in \fBproject\fR(4) database.
 206 T}
 207 \fBpool.scheduler\fR    \fBstring\fR    T{
 208 Scheduler class to which consumers of this pool will be bound. This property is optional and if not specified, the scheduler bindings for consumers of this pool are not affected.
 209 T}
 210 \fBpool.sys_id\fR       \fBint64\fR     System-assigned pool ID.
 211 \fBpool.temporary\fR    \fBbool\fR      T{
 212 Mark this pool as a temporary resource; if true, this pool can exist only in the dynamic configuration and cannot be committed to a configuration file.
 213 T}
 214 .TE
 216 .sp
 217 .LP
 218 The \fBpool.default\fR, \fBpool.sys_id\fR, and \fBpool.temporary\fR properties
 219 are not writable; all other listed properties are writable.
 220 .sp
 221 .LP
 222 If pool.scheduler is specified, it must be set to the name of a valid
 223 scheduling class for the system. See the \fB-c\fR option for \fBpriocntl\fR(1)
 224 for a list of valid class names.
 225 .SS "Processor Sets"
 226 .TS
 227 c c c
 228 l l l .
 229 Property name   Type    Description
 230 \fBpset.comment\fR      \fBstring\fR    User description of resource.
 231 \fBpset.default\fR      \fBbool\fR      Marks default processor set.
 232 \fBpset.load\fR \fBuint64\fR    The load for this processor set.
 233 \fBpset.max\fR  \fBuint64\fR    T{
 234 Maximum number of CPUs permitted in this processor set.
 235 T}
 236 \fBpset.min\fR  \fBuint64\fR    T{
 237 Minimum number of CPUs permitted in this processor set.
 238 T}
 239 \fBpset.name\fR \fBstring\fR    User name for resource.
 240 \fBpset.size\fR \fBuint64\fR    T{
 241 Current number of CPUs in this processor set.
 242 T}
 243 \fBpset.sys_id\fR       \fBint64\fR     System-assigned processor set ID.
 244 \fBpset.temporary\fR    \fBbool\fR      T{
 245 Mark this processor set as a temporary resource; if true, this processor set can exist only in the dynamic configuration and cannot be committed to a configuration file.
 246 T}
 247 \fBpset.type\fR \fBstring\fR    T{
 248 Names resource type; value for all processor sets is \fBpset\fR.
 249 T}
 250 \fBpset.units\fR        \fBstring\fR    T{
 251 Identifies meaning of size-related properties; value for all processor sets is \fBpopulation\fR.
 252 T}
 253 \fBpset.poold.objectives\fR     \fBstring\fR    T{
 254 Specifies the poold objectives for a pset.
 255 T}
 256 .TE
 258 .sp
 259 .LP
 260 The \fBpset.comment\fR, \fBpset.max\fR, \fBpset.min\fR, \fBpset.name\fR, and
 261 \fBpset.poold.objectives\fR properties are writable; the \fBpset.default\fR,
 262 \fBpset.load\fR, \fBpset.size\fR, \fBpset.sys_id\fR, \fBpset.temporary\fR,
 263 \fBpset.type\fR, and \fBpset.units\fR properties are not.
 264 .sp
 265 .LP
 266 The \fBpset.load\fR property represents the load on a processor set. The lowest
 267 value for this property is 0. The value of \fBpset.load\fR increases in a
 268 linear fashion with the load on the set, as measured by the number of jobs in
 269 the system run queue.
 270 .sp
 271 .LP
 272 The \fBpset.poold.objectives\fR property specifies an objective which is
 273 specific to a particular \fBpset\fR. See the \fBsystem.poold.objectives\fR
 274 entry for the specification of this property's syntax.
 275 .sp
 276 .LP
 277 There are two types of objectives that can be set on a \fBpset\fR:
 278 .sp
 279 .ne 2
 280 .na
 281 \fBlocality\fR
 282 .ad
 283 .RS 15n
 284 This objective influences the impact that locality, as measured by lgroup data,
 285 has upon the chosen configuration. This objective can take one of three values:
 286 .sp
 287 .ne 2
 288 .na
 289 \fBtight\fR
 290 .ad
 291 .RS 9n
 292 If set, configurations that maximize resource locality are favored.
 293 .RE
 295 .sp
 296 .ne 2
 297 .na
 298 \fBloose\fR
 299 .ad
 300 .RS 9n
 301 If set, configurations that minimize resource locality are favored.
 302 .RE
 304 .sp
 305 .ne 2
 306 .na
 307 \fBnone\fR
 308 .ad
 309 .RS 9n
 310 This is the default value for this objective. If set, configuration
 311 favorability is uninfluenced by resource locality.
 312 .RE
 314 .RE
 316 .sp
 317 .ne 2
 318 .na
 319 \fButilization\fR
 320 .ad
 321 .RS 15n
 322 This objective favors configurations that allocate resources to partitions that
 323 are failing to preserve the specified utilization objective.
 324 .RE
 326 .sp
 327 .LP
 328 These objectives are specified in terms of an operator and a value. The
 329 operators are
 330 .sp
 331 .ne 2
 332 .na
 333 \fB<\fR
 334 .ad
 335 .RS 5n
 336 The ``less than'' operator is used to indicate that the specified value should
 337 be treated as a maximum target value.
 338 .RE
 340 .sp
 341 .ne 2
 342 .na
 343 \fB>\fR
 344 .ad
 345 .RS 5n
 346 The ``greater than'' operator is used to indicate that the specified value
 347 should be treated as a minimum target value.
 348 .RE
 350 .sp
 351 .ne 2
 352 .na
 353 \fB~\fR
 354 .ad
 355 .RS 5n
 356 The ``about'' operator is used to indicate that the specified value should be
 357 treated as a target value about which some fluctuation is acceptable.
 358 .RE
 360 .sp
 361 .LP
 362 Only one objective of each type of operator can be set. For example, if the
 363 \fB~\fR operator is set, the \fB<\fR and \fB>\fR operators cannot be set. It is
 364 possible to set a \fB<\fR and a \fB>\fR operator together; the values will be
 365 validated to ensure that they do not overlap.
 366 .SS "Processors"
 367 .TS
 368 c c c
 369 l l l .
 370 Property name   Type    Description
 371 _
 372 \fBcpu.comment\fR       \fBstring\fR    User description of CPU.
 373 \fBcpu.pinned\fR        \fBbool\fR      CPU pinned to this processor set.
 374 \fBcpu.status\fR        \fBint64\fR     T{
 375 Processor status, on-line, offline or interrupts disabled.
 376 T}
 377 \fBcpu.sys_id\fR        \fBint64\fR     System-assigned processor ID.
 378 .TE
 380 .sp
 381 .LP
 382 The \fBcpu.comment\fR, \fBcpu.pinned\fR, and \fBcpu.status\fR properties are
 383 writable.
 384 .sp
 385 .LP
 386 The \fBcpu.status\fR property can be set only to the following values:
 387 .sp
 388 .ne 2
 389 .na
 390 \fBoff-line\fR
 391 .ad
 392 .RS 12n
 393 Set the CPU offline.
 394 .RE
 396 .sp
 397 .ne 2
 398 .na
 399 \fBon-line\fR
 400 .ad
 401 .RS 12n
 402 Set the CPU online.
 403 .RE
 405 .sp
 406 .ne 2
 407 .na
 408 \fBno-intr\fR
 409 .ad
 410 .RS 12n
 411 Disable interrupt processing on the CPU.
 412 .RE
 414 .sp
 415 .LP
 416 These values are defined in <\fBsys/processor.h\fR> as the \fBPS_OFFLINE\fR,
 417 \fBPS_ONLINE\fR, and \fBPS_NOINTR\fR macros.

 419 The shared object \fBlibpool.so.1\fR provides the public interfaces defined
 420 below. See \fBIntro\fR(3) for additional information on shared object
 421 interfaces.
 422 .sp
 424 .sp
 425 .TS
 426 l l
 427 l l .
 428 \fBpool_associate\fR    \fBpool_component_info\fR
 429 \fBpool_component_to_elem\fR    \fBpool_conf_alloc\fR
 430 \fBpool_conf_close\fR   \fBpool_conf_commit\fR
 431 \fBpool_conf_export\fR  \fBpool_conf_free\fR
 432 \fBpool_conf_info\fR    \fBpool_conf_location\fR
 433 \fBpool_conf_open\fR    \fBpool_conf_remove\fR
 434 \fBpool_conf_rollback\fR        \fBpool_conf_status\fR
 435 \fBpool_conf_to_elem\fR \fBpool_conf_update\fR
 436 \fBpool_conf_validate\fR        \fBpool_create\fR
 437 \fBpool_destroy\fR      \fBpool_dissociate\fR
 438 \fBpool_dynamic_location\fR     \fBpool_error\fR
 439 \fBpool_get_binding\fR  \fBpool_get_owning_resource\fR
 440 \fBpool_get_pool\fR     \fBpool_get_property\fR
 441 \fBpool_get_resource\fR \fBpool_get_resource_binding\fR
 442 \fBpool_get_status\fR   \fBpool_info\fR
 443 \fBpool_put_property\fR \fBpool_query_components\fR
 444 \fBpool_query_pool_resources\fR \fBpool_query_pools\fR
 445 \fBpool_query_resource_components\fR    \fBpool_query_resources\fR
 446 \fBpool_resource_create\fR      \fBpool_resource_destroy\fR
 447 \fBpool_resource_info\fR        \fBpool_resource_to_elem\fR
 448 \fBpool_resource_transfer\fR    \fBpool_resource_type_list\fR
 449 \fBpool_resource_xtransfer\fR   \fBpool_rm_property\fR
 450 \fBpool_set_binding\fR  \fBpool_set_status\fR
 451 \fBpool_static_location\fR      \fBpool_strerror\fR
 452 \fBpool_to_elem\fR      \fBpool_value_alloc\fR
 453 \fBpool_value_free\fR   \fBpool_value_get_bool\fR
 454 \fBpool_value_get_double\fR     \fBpool_value_get_int64\fR
 455 \fBpool_value_get_name\fR       \fBpool_value_get_string\fR
 456 \fBpool_value_get_type\fR       \fBpool_value_get_uint64\fR
 457 \fBpool_value_set_bool\fR       \fBpool_value_set_double\fR
 458 \fBpool_value_set_int64\fR      \fBpool_value_set_name\fR
 459 \fBpool_value_set_string\fR     \fBpool_value_set_uint64\fR
 460 \fBpool_version\fR      \fBpool_walk_components\fR
 461 \fBpool_walk_pools\fR   \fBpool_walk_properties\fR
 462 \fBpool_walk_resources\fR       
 463 .TE
 465 .SH FILES
 466 .ne 2
 467 .na
 468 \fB/usr/lib/libpool.so.1\fR
 469 .ad
 470 .RS 28n
 471 shared object
 472 .RE
 474 .sp
 475 .ne 2
 476 .na
 477 \fB/usr/lib/64/libpool.so.1\fR
 478 .ad
 479 .RS 28n
 480 64-bit shared object
 481 .RE

 484 See \fBattributes\fR(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:
 485 .sp
 487 .sp
 488 .TS
 489 box;
 490 c | c
 491 l | l .
 493 _
 494 CSI     Enabled
 495 _
 496 Interface Stability     Unstable
 497 _
 498 MT-Level        Safe
 499 .TE

 502 \fBIntro\fR(3), \fBpool_component_info\fR(3POOL), \fBpool_conf_open\fR(3POOL),
 503 \fBpool_conf_to_elem\fR(3POOL), \fBpool_create\fR(3POOL),
 504 \fBpool_error\fR(3POOL), \fBpool_get_binding\fR(3POOL),
 505 \fBpool_get_property\fR(3POOL), \fBpool_get_resource\fR(3POOL),
 506 \fBpool_resource_create\fR(3POOL), \fBpool_value_alloc\fR(3POOL),
 507 \fBpool_walk_pools\fR(3POOL), \fBattributes\fR(5), \fBsmf\fR(5)
 508 .SH NOTES

 509 Functions in \fBlibpool\fR can be used to manipulate static configurations even
 510 when the pools facility is not enabled. See \fBpooladm\fR(1M) and
 511 \fBpool_set_status\fR(3POOL) for more information about enabling the pools
 512 facility. The pools facility must be enabled, however, to modify the dynamic
 513 configuration.
 514 .sp
 515 .LP
 516 Since the Resource Pools facility is an \fBsmf\fR(5) service, it can also be
 517 enabled and disabled using the standard Service Management Facility (SMF)
 518 interfaces.
--- EOF ---