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11582 3SCF isn't the object-caching memory allocation library

@@ -573,11 +573,11 @@
-           These functions constitute the object-caching memory allocation
+           These functions constitute the service configuration facility
            library, libscf. This library is implemented as a shared object,
  , but is not automatically linked by the C compilation
            system. Specify -lscf on the cc command line to link with this
            library. See libscf(3LIB).

@@ -853,6 +853,6 @@
        not be expected to test the length of an argument list given to a
        routine to determine if it was greater than {ARG_MAX}.
-                               November 26, 2017                      INTRO(3)
+                                August 19, 2019                       INTRO(3)