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   7 .TH DR 7D "Jun 13, 2019"
   8 .SH NAME
   9 dr, drmach \- dynamic reconfiguration driver
  11 .LP
  12 .nf
  13 \fBdr\fR
  14 .fi
  16 .LP
  17 .nf
  18 \fBdrmach\fR
  19 .fi
  22 .LP
  23 The dynamic reconfiguration (DR) driver consists of a platform-independent
  24 driver and a platform-specific module. The DR driver uses standard features of
  25 the Solaris operating environment whenever possible to control DR operations
  26 and calls the platform specific module as needed. The DR driver creates minor
  27 nodes in the file system that serve as attachment points for DR operations.
  28 .sp
  29 .LP
  30 The DR driver provides a pseudo-driver interface to sequence attach and detach
  31 operations on system boards using file system entry points referred to as
  32 "attachment points." The attachment point form depends on the platform.
  34 .LP
  35 \fBioctl\fR(2), \fBlibcfgadm(3LIB)\fR