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  63   63       file.  For example, if the core file is of a process that omits the frame
  64   64       pointer, the ability to iterate the stack will be limited.
  65   65  
  66   66       Use the Pgrab_core() or Pfgrab_core() function to open a core file.  Use
  67   67       the Pgrab_file() function to open an ELF object file.  This is useful for
  68   68       obtaining information stored in ELF headers and sections.
  69   69  
  70   70     Debug Information
  71   71       Many of the operations in the library rely on debug information being
  72   72       present in a process and its associated libraries.  The library leverages
  73      -     symbol table information, CTF data (CTF(4)) sections, and frame unwinding
       73 +     symbol table information, CTF data (ctf(4)) sections, and frame unwinding
  74   74       information based on the use of an ABI defined frame pointer, e.g.  %ebp
  75   75       and %rbp on x86 systems.
  76   76  
  77   77       Some software providers strip programs of this information or build their
  78   78       executables such that the information will not be present in a core dump.
  79   79       To deal with this fact, the library is able to consume information that
  80   80       is not present in the core file or the running process.  It can both
  81   81       consume it from the underlying executable and it also supports finding it
  82   82       from related ELF objects that are linked to it via the .gnu_debuglink and
  83   83       the ELF sections.
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