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10067 Miscellaneous man page typos
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 Interprets the \fIcommand\fR arguments to \fBtruss\fR as a list of process-ids
 for existing processes (see \fBps\fR(1)) rather than as a command to be
 executed. \fBtruss\fR takes control of each process and begins tracing it
 provided that the userid and groupid of the process match those of the user or
 that the user is a privileged user. Users can trace only selected threads by
-appending \fB/\fR\fIthread-id\fR to the process-id. Mutiple threads can be
+appending \fB/\fR\fIthread-id\fR to the process-id. Multiple threads can be
 selected using the \fB-\fR and \fB,\fR delimiters. For example \fB/1,2,7-9\fR
 traces threads \fB1\fR, \fB2\fR, \fB7\fR, \fB8\fR, and \fB9\fR. Processes can
 also be specified by their names in the \fB/proc\fR directory, for example,