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10057 Man page misspellings ouput particuliar overriden
Reviewed by: Gergő Mihály Doma <>

@@ -477,11 +477,11 @@
        /usr/share/myapp/teclarc, then finally reads user-specific
        configuration commands from an optional .teclarc file in the user's
        home directory.  Note that the arguments are listed in ascending order
        of priority, with the contents of app_string being potentially over
        riden by commands in app_file, and commands in app_file potentially
-       being overriden by commands in user_file.
+       being overridden by commands in user_file.
        You can call this function as many times as needed, the results being
        cumulative, but note that copies of any file names specified with the
        app_file and user_file arguments are recorded internally for subsequent

@@ -1809,11 +1809,11 @@
        program or redirected to a file, then the value of the def_width
        parameter is used as the terminal width.
        The indentation argument specifies the number of characters to use to
-       indent each line of ouput. The fill_char argument specifies the
+       indent each line of output. The fill_char argument specifies the
        character that will be used to perform this indentation.
        The prefix argument can be either NULL or a string to place at the
        beginning of each new line (after any indentation). Similarly, the